Lady sees wall gecko in 'sobolo' after drinking

Lady sees wall gecko in 'sobolo' after drinking

- An unidentified lady has announced on social media that she found a wall gecko in sobolo

- Sobolo is a local drink known in Nigeria as zobo

- The lady strongly advised social media users to be careful about taking drinks like sobolo

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A lady on Twitter has recently come out with the shocking news that she found a wall gecko in a container right after drinking Bissap from it.

In a post sited by on, the lady vehemently warned users of the social media platform to watch carefully before taking such drinks.

She went on to say that the drinks should be preferably transferred into a separate container before drinking.

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Bissap, which is known in Nigeria as zobo, is a common local drink in both Ghana and Nigeria.

No reports have been heard regarding the safety of the lady in question, though the reptile found in the bottle is widely known to be poisonous.

Below is a picture of the actual post of the lady sited by

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