Jerry Rawlings age, children,wife, siblings, quotes and books

Jerry Rawlings age, children,wife, siblings, quotes and books

Jerry Rawlings is one of the political leaders whose contribution to the state of affairs in Ghana cannot be swept under the carpet. He was a brave military leader who went against all the odds to risk his life for the sake of the nation. When he had the chance to bring change to the country, he did his best to stabilise the country's economy, a move that played an essential role in tackling inflation in Ghana. His effort warranted him another ten years as the democratically elected president. You might be interested in knowing him more.

Jerry Rawlings age, children,wife, siblings, quotes and books

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Jerry Rawlings is one of the leaders whom the history of country revolves around. Not only was he a courageous military leader but also a selfless man who put his life at stake for the sake of the wellbeing of the country. His efforts brought revolution in the country and for the ten years that he served as the head of state after overturning the government, Ghana experienced significant economic reforms. He then served as president for two terms after which he retired. You might want to know more about him.

Jerry Rawlings biography

These are some of the details about the latter.

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Jerry Rawlings age

The latter was born on 22nd July 1947 in Accra. As of date, he is seventy-two years old.

Jerry Rawlings family

These are the details about the latter's family.

Jerry Rawlings parents

The latter is the son of James Ramsey John and Madam Victoria Abbotoi.

Jerry Rawlings siblings

The latter has one brother, Mr Isaac Newton Nii Lante Addy.

Jerry Rawlings wife

The name of Jerry Rawlings wife is Nana Konado Agyeman.

Jerry Rawlings children

The marriage between the latter and Nana Konado Agyeman gave rise to three daughters and one son. The names of Jerry Rawlings daughters are Zenator Agyeman-Rawlings, Yaa Asantewaa Rawlings and Amona Rawlings. The name of JJ Rawlings son is Kimathi Rawlings. Zenator Agyeman-Rawlings followed her father's footsteps and ventured into politics. She currently serves as the member of parliament for Klottey Korle Constituency.

JJ Rawlings educational background

The latter attended Achimota School and later on joined Achimota College. He finished his studies in 1967 and joined the Ghana Air Force a few months later. On the third month of 1968, he was posted to Takoradi to continue with his studies. In January 1969, he graduated and immediately landed his first job in the air force.

JJ Rawlings career

Jerry Rawlings age, children,wife, siblings, quotes and books

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Upon graduating in 1969, the latter landed his first job as a pilot officer. The years that followed were filled with commitment, one thing that paid JJ Rawlings off. In 1978, he was commissioned to become the Flight Lieutenant.

Jailed for speaking out

In the 70s, the Rawlings and a group of other army men got concerned because of the rise in the cases of corruption in Ghana. This sparked the need to react to the state of the country. As a result, on 15th May 1979, Rawlings and his mates staged a coup against the government of General Fred Akuffo. Their mission to oust General Fred Akuffo from power, however, did not bear fruit as they were arrested and Rawlings was sentenced to death. While in jail awaiting his execution, his juniors secured his release from prison.

A Second Coup

The first coup that Rawlings and his colleagues had pulled was unsuccessful as they were arrested and three of the members of the group executed. That, however, did not mean that Rawlings would put a halt to his dream. When he got out of prison, he went back to set his plan.

A few weeks later, elections were held in the country, and Dr Hilla Limann was elected as president. His reign was not any better as the country's economy kept on deteriorating. Rawlings chose to address the situation by imposing pressure on the administration. He even declared himself as the guardian of the revolution. He posed as a threat, and the administration declared that he resigned from his position in the military. That did not stop him from his course.

On 31st December 1981, he initiated coup d’etat. This time around, it worked, and he was able to dissolve the parliament, abolish the constitution and did away with political parties. During his reign as the head of state, he did his best to salvage the country's economy. He worked on the country's economy for ten years after which he conducted a survey that resulted in elections being held in 1992.

Election as president

In December 1992, the country conducted elections, and Jerry Rawlings won with 60% of the votes. He served as president for the two terms that followed. In 2001, according to the country's constitution, he retired from office and was succeeded by John Agyekum Kufuor.

Serving other positions

Besides being the president and bringing reforms to Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings has served the following positions:

  • In November 2000, the then Secretary-General, Kofi Annan declared him the first International Year of Volunteers 2001 Eminent Person;
  • In October 2010, he was declared the African Union Envoy to Somalia.

He has also had the honour of giving lectures at Oxford University. To add to it, in September 2019, he had the opportunity of giving the speech on behalf of the president during the burial of the late Robert Mugabe.

Jerry Rawlings books

The latter is the author of a book called Wise Cracks II.

Jerry Rawlings awards and honours

Jerry Rawlings age, children,wife, siblings, quotes and books

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Jerry Rawlings is one of the leaders who have had a significant influence on the country's growth. These are some of the awards and honours that he has received:

  • An Honorary degree (Doctorate of Letters) from the University of Development Studies. The award was presented to him in 2013. He was honoured for his contribution to the institution's establishment.
  • In 2013, Mkiva Humanitarian Foundation honoured him with the Global Champion for People's Freedom award.

Jerry Rawlings quotes

These are some of the quotes that are associated with the latter:

  • I would dare you to go and line up some of your finest policemen, some of your finest head of states, some of your finest, what you call it “judges”, make any allegations against me. You included. One of the questions you want to ask. Take me through a chemical interrogation, I will be the one who will pass. I wonder how many of you will pass.
  • Democracy is not realised merely by having a machinery for registering voters and getting them to vote every four years, but also by there being a machinery for identifying the needs of those voters in between the election periods, and monitoring the realization of those needs.
  • I, Rawlings will not turn round and commit the very crime for which another man lost his life.
  • The test of religious belief is not in pious platitudes and cautious charity, but in positive and creative action.

Jerry Rawlings is one of the iconic leaders in Ghana. His biography speaks of a man who was passionate about ensuring that the country was developing. His brevity had a significant impact on the country's wellbeing. He left a mark in the country's history.

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