Sweet judge holds law student's baby so boy could be part of mum's swearing-in ceremony

Sweet judge holds law student's baby so boy could be part of mum's swearing-in ceremony

- Juliana Lamar showed up to the Supreme Court with her son and family members

- Her one-year-old child Beckham sat in the audience and watched as his mum embraced the name advocate

- The judge swearing Juliana in then felt like Beckham deserved a front-row seat to the auspicious moment

- He grabbed the little one and carried him in his hands as he swore in Juliana

A US judge has become an instant sensation after deciding to hold a female student’s child while the woman focused on her swearing-in ceremony.

And before you say aww, that is not even the most considerate part of the judge’s selfless actions.

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Judge Richard Dinkins was the one in charge of the ceremony and decided to let 27-year-old Juliana Lamar take her oath in peace as her son watched closely.

According to CNN, Juliana showed up to the Supreme Court with her one-year-old son and family members.

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The little boy sat in the crowd with the rest of Juliana’s kin but Dinkins thought the little boy needed to be part of his mother’s big moment.

He then grabbed Beckham, the handsome champ, and carried him as the judge instructed Juliana on what to say and when to say it.

According to the gentle officer of law, Beckham played a huge role in his mother’s rise to greatness and did not deserve to be left out.

"Just as we're about to begin, he goes to grab Beckham and says he needs to be part of this. He is going to do the swearing-in with me,” Juliana said.

Juliana’s family members made sure they captured the delightful moment and the video was uploaded on social media.

In just a few minutes, the video blew up and Denkins became a sight for sore eyes.

Anyone who watched the clip admitted they had to fight back their tears as they replayed the video time and again.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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