How to become #1 in the customer’s list on Black Friday
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How to become #1 in the customer’s list on Black Friday

November 29 is the 333rd day of the year, and the day when half of the Earth population goes crazy because of the biggest discounts for the year., the most prominent classified in Ghana, doesn’t stay behind as well. The marketplace with 10 million unique active users has created a separate webpage for those goods with the biggest discounts for Black Friday. found out the details.

How it works

150,000 is the number of all sellers that place adverts on the marketplace right now. No wonder if they hope to benefit from Black Friday and attract more customers. To set potential buyers free from burdensome searches and help sellers to get on their radars, offers top offers board.

The main advantage of this page is that no human being is engaged to select which ad is good enough to be shown on the top offers board. The ads with the hugest discounts are aggregated on the board with the help of computer algorithms. Therefore, all sellers are on equal footing.

Benefits of being on the top offers board

Awareness. You’ll get a chance to be seen by more number of potential customers, as the top offers board will be popularized during November to attract more people to Jiji compared to other months.

Recognition. Your presence on the top offers board will be signaling to people that you’re generous, user-friendly, and ready to make a concession.

Revenue. After a good deal of people has noticed your goods, your business can take off on Black Friday dramatically, providing your ad looks attractive and gives all the needed information about the product.

How to get there

How to become #1 in the customer’s list on Black Friday


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