Ghanaians pour their hearts out on why married men take girlfriends

Ghanaians pour their hearts out on why married men take girlfriends

- It has been repeatedly reported that many married men love to have girlfriends on the side

- asked the public about the reasons behind the act

- An interesting list was compiled by from the responses

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Time and again, news of married men having girlfriends outside their marriage has been heard.

A few months ago, reported how a man met his untimely death after his girlfriend's lover found him on the bed of the 'side chick'.

Weeks ago, it came out again that an unfortunate incident befell Francisca Quaye when she was physically abused by the father of her child and his wife.

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These are only two of the many accounts of men having 'side chicks' outside. Why is this so? sought to find out from Ghanaians.

There were lots of interesting comments coming in from different people.

Paul Abilla made a profound revelation: "it saves most marriages from collapse. When men don't get that opportunity, there'll be a lot of divorces."

Nii Dimpson decided to take it from the angle of mathematics:

"Statistically in ghana every man is to 7 women. So who is marrying de rest of de six girls?

"Sometimes I understand de men who have side chicks bcuz de women are many than us but as for me di3 I don't like preasure so 1 woman is just ok for me"

Ntiamoah Cyril explains it is due to the behaviour of the wives:

"Nowadays women are something you can't tell!! When they are not married; humble, trust, love support and so on but the moment they get married then behaviour also change.

"It's only a man who fears God and understands Nature that will stay by his wife. So now women are their own cause of problems"

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Kekeli Abina says the married men keep getting 'trapped':

"Simple, it's at a point they have it. Not from the beginning. I also think this young or side chick thing is alarming, even if u don't want, they will trap u. Self-discipline/control. God help us."

Gemstone Worthington Libra took it from the scientific perspective:

"The libido of men increases with age as studies show therefore they crave to discover and experience sexual pleasure with different ladies."

Felicia Arthur also made an observation that the wives are the cause:

"Depends on their wives. They only reveal their stupid characters when they get married. Why won't they go for someone who will make them happy?"

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Martha Ewuradjoa Afful was quick to counter Felicia's point:

"Felicia Arthur nothing justify a cheating man...would u rather sin becos of the behaviour of ur wife...divorce her and go in for what u like..."

Maame Birago Akosua attributes it to the personal values of the men:

"simply because they are not disciplined"

Mjullu Beng made an analogy with a popular Ghanaian dish called fufu:

"u cant eat fufu every day, you need a change don't you?"

While some men are cheating, others are teaching and caring. earlier reported that a teacher who has been trimming his students' hair for free has recently been blessed by a stranger who saw the good works of the teacher.

The teacher, Daniel Gyewu who teaches at Yirenkyikrom D/A Primary School, shared the story in a popular social media group named Tell It All where he expressed gratitude to the kindhearted stranger who decided to sponsor him with more logistics.

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