GCNet Ghana location, head office, car values

GCNet Ghana location, head office, car values

There could be nothing as complex as the clearing and forwarding processes. The intricacies that come with these processes make it necessary for the right systems to be in place. For this reason, having a properly defined mechanism will play an essential role in realizing the success of the process in the long run. The purpose of GCNet in this field has become quite paramount, particularly in the recent past.

GCNet Ghana location
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GCNet is an EDI system that is vital in connecting various shippers and clearing and forwarding experts. It is through this system that the processing of multiple customs clearance documentation will be made not only straightforward but also faster. This way, you will leave the port much sooner than you expect. Here, we explore a few of the most critical aspects that are definitive of this ecommerce system.

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GCNet Ghana is a private-public partnership that was incorporated on the 13th of November, 2000. Various entities have shares in this entity. Some of the top shareholders include the Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana Shippers Authority, and Ghana Commercial Bank. Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) from Switzerland is also a stakeholder in this firm.

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It has come in handy as an innovator as well as the leader in providing various e-solutions to the government. For this reason, it has developed and even deployed Ghana’s Single Window Platform for Processing Trade Transactions and Customs Clearance.

The system comes with an Electronic Messaging Platform and a back-end system called the Ghana Customs Management System. With this system, one can process their declaration at any time they deem fit. Further, it contributes to the collection of about 50% of revenue.

The ultimate goal of the this company was to integrate various work spaces. This way, the exchange of data and business processes. For this reason, interoperability is a pillar of the system. This system will also feature sufficient infrastructure, which is essential in boosting a seamless workflow in the long run.

One aspect that highlights the essence of this system will often lie in the clearance of goods. This process involves submission from the source, document verification, and even implementing the required agreement.

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With all these intricacies, there had to be a single-window within which everything would be conveniently and smoothly carried out.

GCNet eservices

You will also learn of the various GCNet eservices that are being offered. Services such as air manifest, status tracking, sea manifest, and cargo tracking are quite common. For this reason, the system has come in handy in making sure that there is improved and paperless clearance in ports across Ghana.

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With advancements in IT, GCNet eservices have become essential in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Its far-reaching effects have had a positive impact on customs procedures.

Various procedures have not only been digitized but also modernized. This service ensures that enough trade information is available electronically.

Further, the information will be a lot easier to keep track of. This way, both customs offices, and shippers will find the relevant procedures to be much smoother at the end of the day.

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Besides, there have been significant improvements in ports like Tema. It has facilitated not only interntional trade but also spurred economic growth.

The GCNet eservices portal exposes you to various essential services and tools. It will be easier for you to familiarize yourself with different export and import procedures, freight rates, consignment tracking, freight rates, transit process manuals, enabling laws, and even marine traffic.

GCNet Ghana car values

Often, it is imperative to understand the cost of importing a car. It is through understanding such basics on customs that you will make invaluable decisions down the road. Through the company eservice window, you will get a tax calculator that will help in determining the custom duty you will pay for your car.

Usually, the import duty will be between 5 and 20 percent of the value of the car. You will also pay a 12.5% rate on the inclusive duty value as import VAT. Further, you will pay a 5% inclusive value for ECOWAS and 5% CIF value for NHIL. You will also pay 1% of CIF value as an examination fee and 0.5% of CIF value for EDIF levy.

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Besides the aspects mentioned above, you will note that other factors will be considered to determine the final amount to pay. Often, the engine capacity, cylinder capacity, and passenger capacity will also attract an additional fee. Ensure that you go through this site to learn much about GCNet Ghana car duty charges.

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GCNet Ghana location

Undoubtedly, people will want to know where they can find these offices across the country. Well, GCNet ghana head office office address and contacts are listed below.

The 5th Avenue Corporate Offices

32 Osu Avenue Extension

P.O. Box OS 756,

Osu, Accra, Ghana

Tel.: 233-302-677001

Fax: 233-302-677046

Email: info@GhanaTradeNet.com

GCNet Ghana has become an essential player in improving efficiency and productivity, especially in ports. Further, it has come in handy in making critical customs data quite accessible.

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