Isaac Dogboe: 5 most memorable matches (Video)

Isaac Dogboe: 5 most memorable matches (Video)

Isaac Dogboe was born in Accra Ghana on 26th September 1994. He spent his life in the village of Bukom just like other great men like Azumah Nelson and Ike Quartey. He is famously known as the Royal Storm because of his heritage. He resides in South London. At the age of eight years he moved to Britain. While there, his father Paul introduced him to boxing and he has been playing the role of coaching him throughout.

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His interest in boxing is traced back to his schooling days where he states that it was not easy adjusting. He once got in a fight and when he shared it with the father, he put him off. The next case happened when a group of guys made him fight back and defend himself for having teased him. Going back home his father asked what had happened and he responded that he had been in a fight. That was the genesis of his life in boxing.

The best of Isaac Dogboe matches captured in video

He came into the limelight after wining a fight against Andy Harris. He is considered a legend in Ghanaian fighting, a boxing gold. He became the youngest of the eight major title holders in Ghana’s history. Presently, Dogboe is a rising British-Ghanaian Super Bantamweight. The following are some of his best games.

1. Isaac Dogboe vs Emanuel Navarrete

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On 28th December 2018, Isaac Dogboe was defeated by Emanuel Navarrete who won the WBO Super Bantamweight title. What was thrilling and caught most people’s attention, was how Dogboe was overpowered that night. Little was known about Navarrete, the kid from Mexico whom most people had not seen fight. More interest was drawn to him with inquiries of who this fighter was.

Questions of what happened to Dogboe the ‘Royal Storm’ arose. The latter brushed it of saying that he was ill-prepared. He however vowed that things would be different in the upcoming fights. A rematch was scheduled for 11th May 2019 and Navarrete defended his WBO super bantamweight title on ESPN. Even so before the rematch, Dogboe claimed that Navarrete would not go beyond four rounds.

Dogboe had four months of preparation sand even with the goodwill wishes from the Sports Association of Ghana in support of his bid to challenge and get his title back from Navarrete. To his surprise and disappointment, Dogboe did not stand up to his claims.

Navarrete played like he had done before in fact with more intensity making Dogboe have a struggle in maintaining the range in order to successively defend himself. Though Dogboe tried to fight back, all his efforts were nothing but a loss to him and his fans subsequently. Out of the blows he got, he may not be able to fully recover. Apparently it appears to have put his career on stake. Navarrete gets what he aims for.

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2. Isaac Dogboe vs Cesar Juarez

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Dogboe in keeping his record once again defeated the former world title challenger Cesar Juarez. Earlier in the fight he knocked Juarez down in round two with a left hook. He managed to knock him down at the fifth round. The fight already appeared like it could be a hard task for him, and it didn’t end up well for him as a result of his experience which kept him at his best. This was his first real test as an expert having to face Juarez.

3. Isaac Dogboe vs Hidenori Otake

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The ‘Royal Storm’ made his first defense of the WBO junior featherweight challenge against Hidenori Otake, a Japanese. He appeared confident and said that he would win before the match promising to floor Otake. It’s important to note that Otake had won the last nine of his fights and is usually avoided by many champions.

He had never been stopped in his previous fights. True to Dogboe’s claims, he proved himself and successfully made a defense by defeating his rival. He put him down twice forcing the referee to call off the fight just after two minutes, making an achievement in his boxing career.

4. Isaac Dogboe vs Jessie Magdaleno

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In the build up to this fight, both Degboe and Maddaleno had never tested a defeat. As fate would have it, both of them were put on the boxing ring on 28th of April 2018 to test who would have the bragging rights. Though at some point the match looked hard for Dogboe when Magdaleno gave him a knockdown landed him down, he still held his hopes high and did his best.

This match made the 23 year old Isaac Dogboe the youngest world champion in the boxing history of Ghana, after stopping Jessie Magdaleno in the 11th round in Philadelphia, winning the WBO championship. After the fight, Magdaleno came to congratulate his competitor.

5. Isaac Dogboe vs John Tabanao

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This was yet another match where Isaac carried the day winning against Neil John. The Filipino lost his WBO Oriental featherweight title to the undefeated African champion at Police Officers Social and Fitness Center in Accra, Ghana.

Isaac Dogboe has won many championship awards at his young age of 24. However, his father and coach has hinted that he no longer wants his son in boxing. This may be as a result of the defeat and loss he suffered from the Mexican Emanuel Navarrete in Arizona which he considers humiliating. This may be what his father wants but is in no way trying to impose it on him. Chances are that Dogboe will be seeking a third fight against Navarrete, as a way of redeeming himself.

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