Tinder messages: tried-and-true tips and ideas

Tinder messages: tried-and-true tips and ideas

Have you thought about using tinder messages for your next online date? The big question may be just how to start a conversation on tinder. Before you start using the site, learn a few tricks that will give you an upper hand. You may just find your soulmate if you do this right.

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Most of today’s generation is big on online dating. Your search for your dream partner, can lead you to tinder, which is an exciting and one of the best dating sites around. With so many people hardly having time for physical dates, the app can make it easy for you.

Tinder app messages

Tinder is a location based social search mobile app and a web application. It is often used for dating services which permits users to use a swiping motion. It offers platform for great connections. Whats more, all you have to do is exchange information until you comfortable to meet in person. The process can be hastened by saying the right thing. Here are a few examples of excellent tinder openers.

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Best tinder messages

Looking for good first tinder messages to enable you start a conversation? Then you are in the right place. This article provides you with some excellent ways on how to start a conversation on tinder. Remember your intention is to easily make your partner happy.

First, you need to identifying the person you like. Once you get the correct match then you can begin your conversations on a high note. Learn how best to write the first message. To hook the interested person, consider asking a simple question, starting by an informal greeting such as hello, a funny statement or even leave a flattering complement.

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Using a question and a compliment

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Tinder girls like good and genuine compliments. You are to inquire what is most noticeable or attractive in your match’s photos. This could be anything from their pet, their choice of dressing code, and style as seen on the photos they posted online. For instance:

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  • Oh my!! What a sexy dress you have! Where did you purchase it?
  • Is that you natural hair color and length? It’s quite long which products do you use to maintain it
  • Gosh! aren’t your shoes on fleek! I would like to get a similar pair. Can you help me?
  • Wow! You are glowing

Using a flattering comment

It is advisable to be slightly flirty on tinder. Even so, it is also not very advisable to start the first tinder messages with a flirty comments. You can only do this if your match has a flirty profile dressing code or emoji’s. This can be assumed as a go-ahead and that he or she will not be offended when you seem to overstep. Examples of flirty first tinder messages are:

  • You have a sexy smile it can make a man go mad
  • There is something unique and quite captivating about you. I was hoping we could match
  • I like ladies with blond hair. Are you are a natural blonde lovely?
  • Your photos indicates you have an adventurous spirit like I do.

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The power of using a simple question or hello

A simple question or hello are among the best tinder conversation starters. As the app user, you have an exclusive connection with your match. It is possible that you have access to limited info on your potential match and vise versa. For such cases, it helps to break the ice by starting with a simple question or by saying hello. Here are great examples.

  • Merry Christmas. What are our plans for this festive season?
  • Hello, how is your afternoon going?
  • Good evening I hope you had a wonderful day at work today.
  • Depending on the information given on their profile you can ask a question such as
  • Hello I say you were on vacation from your profile photo. Did you have a god time?

Asking questions about your match’s profile information could be the other trick you use. If you have been wondering how to make girls to like you, then using questions that prove your interest is the best move to make.

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You do not have to base your questions on their profile as long as you seem to ask genuinely. Focus on their location and areas of interests such as their job or school. Take note of the small details as these are what matter when engaging someone deeply. Here are great examples to check out:

  • Wow! I see you learnt at Harvard, I also learnt there. Which year were you there?
  • London is interesting this time of there year, I hope you are having a great time.
  • That’s a prestigious company you work in. Which department do you deal with?

Random questions

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Using random question may also be very good. In case you have noticed the person you match with happens to be humorous or has funny photos, you can use funny tinder messages to start a conversation. Alternatively, come up with random questions as shown below.

  • Hey there, what is your best Kevin Heart comedy? Have you watched the one called Night School? It’s a crazy but interesting one you would really enjoy it I recommend it for you.

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How to talk to women in tinder

A common question asked by tinder users is how to talk to women on the platform? If you understand this, then you can understand how to get girls to like you. Despite being branded as a meetup site, it is often used by women to look for legit relationships. To strike that conversation with the lady you liked, consider the following tinder tips:

  • Make sure to send the first message, you have to gather courage and start somewhere
  • Using references from details in her bio and pictures
  • Giving complements on other things but not her looks
  • Asking genuine questions as an indication of wanting to know her better
  • Working on rapport building
  • Then finally moving the conversation out of tinder

How to flirt with a girl over text in tinder

Flirting is not as easy as people imagine. To get started:

  • Send high quality messages
  • Diffuse conversations about your feelings
  • Call out the awkwardness regarding dating
  • Acknowledging when you are flirting
  • Know when someone isn’t right for you

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Starting a conversation is not always easy. Fortunately, all you need are a few tinder messages to to keep your love interest engaged. All you need is a little creativity.

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