Inspirational get well messages: 50 ideas

Inspirational get well messages: 50 ideas

Have you got someone sick around you, but you are thinking of what messages to send as a token of your concern and love? Laying hands on some inspirational get well messages that you can either send or use to craft your unique words will not be a bad idea.

Inspirational get well messages
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The right words sent at the right time have a way of bringing relief to a hurting or sick person. While the words themselves cannot heal, the feeling of concern and care that they carry can help a sick person cope with his or her current situation and also come out strong. Therefore, whether you need a message for an ill spouse, friend, colleague at work, or a child, these feel better soon, and recovery quotes will perform wonders in their lives.

Get well messages for a spouse

Seeing one's spouse in a sick state is one of the hardest things to bear. But then, with words of encouragement and prayers, such can bear the pain and hasten up the recovery process. Therefore, for your sick spouse, you may consider sending any of these messages to show how much you care and look forward to his or her recovery.

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1. It will gladden my heart to see you bounce back on your feet soon. I miss your jokes, sweetheart.

2. I have you in my prayers always; you will come out of this stronger.

3. I think about you every minute of the day, get well for us.

4. I am not spending this Christmas all by myself; you must be with me in good health.

5. Most of the things we planned to do before the month ends are still undone. I wish you a quick recovery to get back on them.

6. Our children have really missed you; I hope you feel better soon.

get well soon cards
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7. I miss your touches, come home soon.

8. I pray that you come out brighter. Be strong, darling.

9. I miss your special delicacy, be home soon, honey.

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10. I know you are coming back soon; I feel empty without you!

Get well messages for a kid

No parent wishes to see his or her little one on the sickbed. However, while we may not be able to control the situation, we can manage it in a way that makes the child feel he or she is not in the ugly state alone. Whether in the form of prayer or get well wishes, showing that you care is one of the most important things that matter to your sick child, no doubt. So, check out these get well wishes; they will mean so much to him or her.

11. I await giving you a big blow at FIFA soccer.

12. I am hoping to see that great smile on your face again.

13. Let go of all worries. We wish you a quick recovery.

14. I send you courage, hope, and faith. Be strong, son.

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Inspirational get well messages
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15. It is not fun to be on the sickbed, come back to us.

16. Santa is on his way with a lot of goodies to quicken your recovery.

17. Our love and care will see you coming back in good health to us. I pray you feel better soon.

18. You have a special place in our hearts and do not want to see you like this. I pray for a quick recovery.

19. We miss watching you play around the house; I hope to see you in your best action soon.

20. Medicine can be bitter, but whatever the doctor prescribes, please, take for a speedy recovery. I hope you feel better soon.

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Get well messages for a colleague at the work

Our co-workers are significant in our lives as we carry out our tasks together daily. Especially if the person is vital in the daily workflow, seeing him or her sick may look like the disappearance of someone special in one's life. However, if the person is sick, what recovery quotes do you send? Below are some ideas to show that you genuinely care about his or her wellbeing.

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21.We miss your jokes at work, do not keep us waiting. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

22. I met your empty desk this morning and was informed that you are sick. My prayers are with you.

23. Hope to see you soon at work. I wish you well.

24. You are in our thoughts and prayers, as we all miss your presence at work.

25. I can't wait for our fun times at coffee breaks again, please, come back to us.

26. I send you a message of strength and good health. I hope you are getting better.

27. The office has been boring without you; we miss you, great colleague.

hope you're feeling better
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28. You need not give in to any negative thought. Dear friend, stay positive for a return to good health.

29. I so much look forward to welcoming you back to the office soon. You have my prayers for you always.

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30. Life is not about trying to escape problems; it is about gathering the scars as a sign of victory.

What to write in a get well card

When we send recovery quotes to our sick ones, sometimes, we may choose to make a custom card to show how special they are to us. A beautiful card without the right words may not be well appreciated at the end, which is why we must carefully pick our words. Therefore, to help you out, here are some messages that you can accompany your get well soon cards with. You will be amazed at how long they will go in lifting their spirit as they feel loved and special.

31. We cannot be victims of illness; you are a victor, my love.

32. A great smile is the best medicine for good health, put them on often.

33. Good health I send as a box; it is full of love and best wishes.

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34. Let our marital vows of being by each other keep you healthy. I am with you.

35. I cannot handle the kids without you; they miss your patience and time.

36. You brought sunshine into my life; I need you by my side.

37. I came to understand what a strong spirit means through you. You need to live it now.

38. I will always be by your side to give you strength, beloved.

39. Meeting you remains the greatest miracle in my life. I am sending you courage and hope.

40. Taking care of you is my best hobby. I need you active again, honey.

Get well soon messages for friend

Thinking of what to tell a sick friend? Here is what to say when someone is sick.

41. I have known you as a fighter; you will fight through this victoriously.

42. Great friend, this is one of those times we will stand by you.

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Inspirational get well messages
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43. Sometimes, all you need is an assurance of better days ahead to keep living. That is what I bring, dear friend.

44. At the back of every illness is someone trying to find their feet again. Do not allow any limitation stand before you.

45. When you think you have exhausted all your strength, be encouraged that you have not even started.

46. Giving up is a sign of weakness, and the easiest way to come out this is to try again, my good friend.

47. Let nothing negative get to you, stay positive, and get well soon.

48. The storm cannot be calmed; you only need to calm yourself and be strong.

49. Nothing is as beautiful as a great smile that comes out of tears. See you soon, brother.

50. Having a great rest is not an act of laziness; it is sweet medicine. Hope you're feeling better? Rest well, my friend.

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Hope you feel better meme

In case you do not feel like sharing messages, here is a meme that will keep a smile on the face of your loved one.

hope you feel better meme
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Going through all the inspirational get well messages shared above, you must have found the ones that best express your feeling to your sick one. We also wish the fellow quick recovery.

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