Meet Anne Foster the 32-year-old lady who moved from 430lbs to 226lbs in 10 months

Meet Anne Foster the 32-year-old lady who moved from 430lbs to 226lbs in 10 months

- Anne Foster, 32, has been able to reduce her weight by almost half in 10 months

- According to the lady, she used to express herself joyfully among her friends but always went home feeling bad about her size

- It took physical exercises, changes in her diet as well as a gastric bypass to make the stupendous shift in her life

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A 32-year-old lady named Anne Foster from South Carolina who used to feel bad about her size decided to make a change to her habits and made a great reduction in her weight. explains that Anne Foster had gained her weight from ravaging fried foods, cakes, pies and the like.

At a point in her life, Anne decided that she would put in some effort to stop feeling bad about how she felt of herself.

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According to the 32-year-old, everyone thought of her as a happy lady back then because she always put on broad smiles when dealing with people in public.

Anne explained that she could not stand the many treatments she used to give herself.

These treatments included a CPAP machine to help her breathe at night, three types of inhaler, prednisone for inflammation of her lungs and ibuprofen for aches and pains due to her weight.

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She woke up one morning and it dawned on her to make a change and commit to it. Anne started with her diet, making gradual modifications. Next was workouts like walking and running.

In June the next year, she decided it was time for a gastric bypass which she did successfully.

10 months after the journey began, the records show that Anne Foster was able to go from 430lbs to 226lbs.

Anne said part of her great joy of making the achievement has been that she has been able to be active with her daughter. She described that as an amazing success.

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Anne Foster also said that she is extremely happy she could now board flights to wherever she wanted to go.

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