Man whose farts kills mosquitoes gets hired to produce insecticides

Man whose farts kills mosquitoes gets hired to produce insecticides

- Joe Rwamirama, a middle-aged man from Uganda reportedly kills mosquitoes in his town with his fart

- Research has begun to study the chemicals the 48-year-old man produces as he has also been hired by an insecticide company

- A local chief in Joe's area, as well as a barber, have testified that the town has been rid of mosquitoes due to Joe's 'supernatural' fart

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A 48-year-old man from Uganda by name Joe Rwamirama has been hired following an amazing discovery that his fart kills mosquitoes in his township.

According to, Joe Rwamirama has been a known figure in his locality as he keeps doing the town the favour of getting rid of mosquitoes in the area with his fart.

It is reported that Joe Rwamirama's fart is able to kill mosquitoes in a very wide area indicated as far as a 6-mile radius.

That makes Joe's fallout zone larger than that of the atomic bomb which destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

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Joe affirms the fact, saying that nobody in his area has contracted malaria. Sources revealed that research has been launched to study the chemical properties of his unique trouser toxin which is clearly performing wonders.

A local barber in Joe's town came out to testify about the wonders. The known local barber whose name is James Yoweri said:

"He is known all over the city as the man who can kill mosquitoes with his farts. "When Joe is around, we all know that mosquitoes will vanish."

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The barber was not the only person who spoke out. The chief of the town also lent credence to the 'assertions' as he also confirmed that the story was truly authentic.

According to the chief, he personally took Joe out on some assignments of getting rid of mosquitoes. The local chief's words were:

"I heard about Joe's gift and I took him in to help mop out the mosquitoes infesting our surroundings. He respectfully drops these bloomers and it helped eradicate the insects. He does his thing and they drop - like flies."

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Joe Rwamirama says he does nothing out of the ordinary to gain the extraordinary prowess. He indicated that he baths normally and eats normal food like everybody.

Joe has reportedly been hired by an insecticide company to help produce powerful insecticides to fight mosquitoes.

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