From being unemployed to owning construction company; the story of Agness Tombo

From being unemployed to owning construction company; the story of Agness Tombo

- A woman, Agness Angel Tombo, struggled to find employment

- Instead of giving up, she took matters into her own hands and started a company

- Tombo settled on a field dominated by men but it did not stop her from making a successs

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On Wednesday, a woman, Agness Angel Tombo, shared her story online and proved that nothing is impossible to those who work hard.

Tombo revealed on the #ImStaying Facebook page that she was amongst the thousands of South Africans who were struggling to find a job.

Having no other options, Tombo took a shot at starting her own company and it paid off. The hard-working woman found herself succeeding in an environment mostly dominated by men.

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"After struggling looking for a job. I decided to create one for myself. l became one of the women in construction," she wrote online.

Tombo said that by starting her own business, she learnt that she capable of doing anything she put her mind to.

She believes that anyone can build a legacy if they only have enough courage to at least try. Because of her success, Tombo is now able to employ other people struggling to find a job.

From unemployed to construction company owner, meet Agness Tombo

Tombo hard at work. Photo credit: Agness Angel Tombo/Facebook.
Source: UGC

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From unemployed to construction company owner, meet Agness Tombo

Some of Tombo's finished projects. Photo credits: Agness Angel Tombo/Facebook.
Source: Facebook

Her story inspired South Africans who applauded Tombo on paving a way for herself and creating jobs in the process.

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Lauren Mc Leod commented:

"Well done! This work is fantastic."

Shamla Naidoo said:

"Amazing craftsmanship."

Norma McAslan added:

"Goes to show everything is possible, it just takes the will to try. Hats off to you."

Amazing stories of Black women have been shared in recent times.

Not long ago, reported that a 32-year-old lady named Anne Foster from South Carolina who used to feel bad about her size decided to make a change to her habits and made a great reduction in her weight. explains that Anne Foster had gained her weight from ravaging fried foods, cakes, pies and the like.

At a point in her life, Anne decided that she would put in some effort to stop feeling bad about how she felt of herself.

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