Meet the married couple who have been working as driver and 'mate' for 5 years and counting

Meet the married couple who have been working as driver and 'mate' for 5 years and counting

- Mr and Mrs Armah, a married couple have been working as driver and 'mate' for 5 years at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle

- According to the couple, they have collaborated on business ideas and decisions for over 30 years

- The couple, who have 5 children, say they are able to fully meet the financial needs of their family as well as that of other dependents

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Edward Armah Ago and his wife, Evelyn Adjeley Adjei, have worked as a driver and 'mate' for five years and still counting. reports that the 55-year-old man and the 42-year-old woman have been working amicably on family businesses since that nineties. Their work as driver and 'mate' has been based between La Tse Addo and Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

According to Edward, he acquired his drivers' license in 1989, which was 30 years ago. He explained that business was not so good back then and he found it difficult to support his family adequately.

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Edward and his wife decided to put a stop to driving and venture into the sale of a local gin commonly known as akpeteshi.

Their new venture gained grounds which the love-couple used to buy a Benz for Edward to start driving as his own car.

As the man was at it, he came to a realization that all his assistants commonly called 'mates' were not being truthful to him. They usually kept part of the returns to themselves and never accounted for it.

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The love couple deliberated over the issue and came to the decision of working together as a couple. This has seen great success and the two of them testify that they have made great returns like never before.

When asked how working on business has affected their relationship, Edward and Evelyn both admitted that their bond has grown stronger and their love deeper towards each other.

The husband and wife have caught the admiration of several people.

The Chairman of the La Tse addo - Circle drivers, at the station, Mr Francis Tamatey, said: “ They are very serious with their work. Unlike other drivers who usually have misunderstandings with passengers, you will never find them do such a thing.’’

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Patrick Abbey, an accountant who frequently boarded the bus, gave an account of how the wife assists lactating mothers with their babies and also helps the aged and toddlers.

“I love their sense of humour and the bond they work with. I really admire them and they are my role model.”

Edward Armah Ago and his wife Evelyn Adjeley Adjei who have five children say they are able to fully cater for the education and other needs of all their kids through the family business.

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According to them, part of their returns spills over as they take care of some other dependants apart from their children.

Stories of individuals striving through circumstances to make a decent living have been rare but not absent. earlier reported that a woman, Agness Angel Tombo, shared her story online and proved that nothing is impossible to those who work hard.

Having no other options as an unemployed lady, Tombo took a shot at starting her own company and it paid off. The hard-working woman found herself succeeding in an environment mostly dominated by men.

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