Don't drink, smoke, or steal - 102-year-old woman gives advice on longevity

Don't drink, smoke, or steal - 102-year-old woman gives advice on longevity

- Lillie Weathers, a 102-year-old lady has spoken about tips that have kept her life free of pain and rewarded her with longevity

- Lillie explains that she prevents physical pain by avoiding drinking alcohol, smoking and stealing; and emotional pain by always telling the truth

- At her age, reports indicate that Lillie's body and mind are strong and sharp as ever

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A 102-year-old lady by name Lillie Weathers has shared life tips and secrets she has abided by that have made sure she did not ruin her life at a young age. reports that Lillie Weathers who is from Detroit was speaking as part of her 102nd birthday celebration.

According to Lillie, she does not have any physical or emotional pain because she does not engage in activities that breed pain. She gave herself 'dos and don'ts' that she succeeded in keeping which have kept her going strong.

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The great grandparent was quick to add that in spite of her firm resolutions on what to do and what not to do, she did not initially think she would be able to make it this far.

To avoid physical pain, Lillie Weathers reveals that her rule of thumb that she has kept throughout her life has been to never drink, smoke or steal.

"Don't drink, smoke, or steal," said Lillie with a voice of caution.

Given the huge statistics of people who lose their lives yearly due to deaths that are relate to drinking, smoking and crime, it is thinkable that scores of people would live longer if everyone decided to abide by Lillie's rule.

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To not experience emotional pain, the 102-year-old lady said she has avoided speaking lies or anything false. When the temptation gets very strong, Lillie says she simply keeps quiet.

"If you can't tell the truth, don't say nothing. If you don't want to deal with that, just don't say anything. Say I don't know what you're talking about cause I don't want to lie," she said.

At her age, reports indicate that Lillie is still very strong with a mind that is as sharp as ever. Perhaps, if everyone follows her words, becoming like her would be more ordinary than extraordinary.

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