World's oldest couple John and Charlotte Henderson celebrate 80th anniversary (Photos)

World's oldest couple John and Charlotte Henderson celebrate 80th anniversary (Photos)

- A 106-year-old man named John and his 105-year-old wife Charlotte have celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary

- The duo, according to the Guinness Book of Records are considered the oldest couple alive

- Beautiful pictures of their anniversary have been sighted by

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John and Charlotte Henderson, 106 and 105 respectively are recognized by Guinness Book of Records as the oldest married couple alive having celebrated their 80th anniversary. reports that the two lovers whose combined age is 211 have not had any child.

John and his wife got joined in marriage in 1939 at the end of the Great Depression. They have been married since then.

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Their wedding anniversary has been held and the two lovers were seen in the pictures looking hearty.

It appears that their love is just as strong as ever as they bond like newly-weds. Reports indicate that their record is not only pertaining to marriage.

It is indicated that John Henderson is the surviving University of Texas football player. For the past decade, the couple has lived in a senior facility connected to the school.

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Recent pictures of the couple and also their anniversary have been sighted by

1. The beautiful couple with their Guinness Book of Records certificate

2. The two lovers on a beautiful tour

3. John and Charlotte at their wedding anniversary

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