Lady posts pictures of boyfriend after he asked to keep relationship private

Lady posts pictures of boyfriend after he asked to keep relationship private

- A woman shared pictures of her man online after he asked her not to

- The couple got into a fight about his stance and she posted the photos in retaliation

- Social media users were divided in their reactions to her post

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A woman has taken to social media to vent about how her boyfriend doesn't want her to share his pictures online. According to the lady, the guy insisted that he wanted the relationship to stay private. She then proceeded to post a few photos of him after the couple had a disagreement.

Twitter user Mynameiscomfor1 posted pictures with her boyfriend, along with the caption:

"So I and my boyfriend had a huge fight last night about him not wanting me to post his pictures, he doesn’t even have one picture of me on his TL... says he wants us to be private. So today I posted this to see his reaction."

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Social media users had mixed reactions to her post. Twitter user King_royal7 said:

"Delete the pictures and stay private with your man"

RonaldosCrush said:

"Hey babe imo, you were wrong. Why not ask him reasons why he wants it private and you might buy into it and give him your own reason before reaching an agreement. He will feel he wasn't respected though. And it might be the other way round. But respect is key in a relationship."

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CuteMicah2 said:

"Respect your man. I'm sure he has a reason for saying that. Please delete these pics, men love to be respected. God bless you."

Olubunmiolofin said:

"Bringing up your relationship into the social media world may be the greatest regret you will ever have, be wise enough."

Adaolis_a said:

"I know two of his other girlfriends."

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Morwa_seloma said:

"I think you must start looking for a new boyfriend now."

Meeydarhhh said:

"Posstttt theeee piccccturessss and donttttt stooopppp possssttiinngggg..."

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