Meet the mother who crowdfunded money for son's fake sickness

Meet the mother who crowdfunded money for son's fake sickness

- A woman from Dallas, USA faked her son's illness for money and attention

- She said her toddler son was suffering from terminal cancer

- It was the boy's father who was able to uncover her lie after years of calling her out to authorities

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Christopher Bowen's mother made sure that no heartstring was left untugged when she presented her son to the world. The wheelchair-bound child was a pitiful sight and his ailing health saddened many. The details of how his mother was forced to watch him die slowly were shared on his crowdfunding page to raise money for his medical care. But it was all a big fat lie.

Kaylene Bowen-Wright from Dallas, Texas said the then-6-year-old child was battling terminal cancer. Messages of support poured in for the brave moter. But while the sympathy and money came in, one person was aware it was all a scam.

The boy’s father, Ryan Crawford, knew that the child was fine and it was in fact his mother who was ill.

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It is believed that she suffers from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a psychological condition where a parent makes up a health condition in their child to get attention. Ryan spent five years trying to alert authorities, to no avail. In the meantime, Christopher endured needless suffering.

When she was finally apprehended in 2017 on child abuse charges, Christopher (10 years old by then) had been to over 300 doctors visits and undergone 13 surgeries. She made the child look even sicker by having a feeding tube inserted into his body.

It was the tube that ended up making the boy sick. It caused the child to develop blood infections but the sick mother did not care. She applied for the child to undergo more surgery.

Kaylene pleaded guilty to recklessly causing injury to her child. She was arrested and Christopher and his two half-siblings were removed from her care.

The father, Ryan, faced a long battle to get custody of his son. Social workers were sceptical of having him take the child because him and his father had not had much contact growing up.

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He was eventually granted custody. For two years, Kaylene had been allowed weekly supervised visits with Christopher but after she was sentenced, her contact with him became less frequent.

Christopher's health has since improved and he is now an active kid.

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