5 popular countries that do not celebrate Christmas and why they don't

5 popular countries that do not celebrate Christmas and why they don't

- The birth of Christ is commemorated on December, 25 in many countries of the world

- YEN.com.gh compiles a list of 5 popular countries that do not celebrate Christmas

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Christmas is a widely-celebrated event that many countries around the world commemorate on the 25th of December every year.

It is interesting to know that not every country does the same. Popular reports indicate that about 20 different countries do not celebrate Christmas as normally as all other people do.

A detailed listicle compiled by hitng.info reveals detailed reasons behind which a number of very popular countries do not engage in the Christmas celebrations.

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YEN.com.gh takes a look at 5 top countries in the bracket.

1. China

In China, December 25 is in no way regarded as a holiday. It is a regular working day like all other working days in the year.

It is indicated that the reason this is the case is that President General, George Washington, worked on December 25, 1776, crossing Delaware to win the battle of Trenton.

2. Russia

In Russia, Christmas is not a major holiday. It is commemorated in a far different way in which it may not even be recognized as Christmas.

This is because the Russian Orthodox Church uses the older Julian calendar which differs from the Gregorian calendar used by churches in other parts of the world.

6th & 7th of January are set aside for the celebrations but it indicated that the days go largely unnoticed.

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3. Israel

Although Israel may be described as the source of Christianity, almost 75% of the population of Israel are Jewish.

Jews do not celebrate Christmas as they do not regard Jesus as a deity but only the king of Narazeth.

4. North Korea

A number of religious holidays are not celebrated in North Korea and Christmas is one of them.

It is indicated that Christmas has been banned in North Korea since 1948 when the Kim dynasty started cracking down on religious freedoms.

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5. Turkey

Turkey is predominantly a Muslim state. For that matter, only Islamic holidays are nationally-recognized and observed in the country.

The commemoration of the birth of Christ on 25th December is completely ruled out.

It is rather interesting how news about popular events being banned in parts of the world have surfaced lately.

Just recently, YEN.com.gh reported that a Ghanaian community named Mafi-Dove in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region has a taboo which prohibits childbirth, burial and the rearing of animals.

No-one in the community was born there and nobody living there would be buried there. A lady in the town begs that the taboo is reviewed to allow childbirth after sharing her near.

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