Charles Agyinasare gives compelling reasons why Ghanaian businesses don't last

Charles Agyinasare gives compelling reasons why Ghanaian businesses don't last

- Founder of Perez Chapel international in a sermon to his congregation stated top reasons Ghanaian business often do not outlast their owners

- He mentioned that the mindset that leads many business owners do not train their children to take over is, they wish that the children go through life's suffering themselves

- Agyinasare strongly urged business owners to stop that because success without a trained successor is not true success

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Charles Agyinasare who is the founder of Perez Chapel International has explained in a recent sermon titled ‘Long life redefined’ why many businesses in Ghana are unable to thrive beyond their owners. reports that the popular bishop who doubles as the Chancellor of Perez University College explained to the Perez Dome, Dzorwulu congregation that many businesses in outside countries are now run by descendants of their original fathers.

“We don’t have a lot of businesses that have gone from father to son. If you go to America, [there is] Johnson and Sons Company Limited, Marriot and Sons. You go to America, you see them – fifth generation, sixth generation, you see them”

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He continued to assert that in Ghana, “after the first generation, everything collapses and the reason it collapses is Mr Father did not involve the children"

After making these clear, Agyinasare proceeded further to dig deep into the mindset that leads many fathers into hiding details of succeeding in business from their children.

"Mr Father did not explain to the children, Mr Father struggled and, so, he thinks his children must struggle, so, they pride themselves that the children must also go through it [the suffering]”

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From his own life experience, the bishop indicated how he ensured that his children never had to undergo the sufferings he underwent.

“When I began [my] ministry, at a certain time I had one shoe, the front had holes; my children won’t walk with shoes like that, I refuse it.

"When I started ministry, I didn’t have a car, I had to walk; my children, when they were starting ministry, I made sure I provided a car for them.”

In conclusion, Charles Agyinasare urged the congregation and all business owner to train their children to take over from them.

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According to the popular preacher, success without a trained successor is not true success. He encouraged everyone to keep these words at the back of their minds.

Leaving legacies that last long even after one's passing is the true meaning of success and long life. In one way or another, top personalities in Ghana have shown great interesting boosting local businesses.

Earlier, reported that the Member of Parliament for the Klottey-Korley constituency, Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings had donated 15 sewing machines to her constituents after they placed a request before her a while back.

The recipients had told the young and vibrant Member of Parliament that they needed the machines to aid them in their sewing businesses.

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