Ghanaians laugh uncontrollably as an "Abochie" tries to help firemen save his burning stand (Video)

Ghanaians laugh uncontrollably as an "Abochie" tries to help firemen save his burning stand (Video)

- A video of a khebab seller wrestling with fire fighters has surfaced online

- In the video, the unidentified business owner refused to heed to calls for him to step aside so the firemen could quench the fire

- He continued to struggle with one of the firemen until they both fell down, leading to an exchange of words

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Attempts by a khebab seller to help firemen save his burning stand has sent Ghanaians reeling with laughter.

A video that has surfaced online shows the unidentified business owner doing all he can to help douse the fire.

Constant calls by an unidentified man to him to step back fell on deaf ears as he tried to get hold of the water hose.

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This continued until both he and a firemen fell down leading to a hot exchange of words.

Social media users have meanwhile reacted to the video with some wondering the exact intentions of the khebab seller:

@kennin_blazE noted that all of the khebab seller's life savings had gone up in flames.

@_naneee_ added that the khebab seller probably needs fire for his business.

@iamstonzy noted that the khebab seller probably wanted to be a fireman.

@kojo_hans believed that the khebab seller was probably trying to assist the firefighter.

@melo_mylo wondered if the khebab seller wishes to use the fire for his business.

@elinambaby believed the khebab seller wanted the place to burn.

@YakubuJake2 also noted that the khebab seller deserves beatings.

In other news, is in possession of a video of a man who reportedly ate 10 packs of noodles at once.

The unidentified man, wearing a spotted combination of a shirt and trousers, is seen seated quietly as the packs of noodles are counted in the presence of people.

The noodles are then boiled and served to the man who proceeds to eat from a large rectangular bowl.

With people watching him throughout the entire process, he finishes the meal and the witnesses begin to clap for him.

Some social media users reacted to the video as they could not believe it:

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