Best Kwesi Arthur songs in 2020: Poll

Best Kwesi Arthur songs in 2020: Poll

Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur Junior, best known by his stage name Kwesi Arthur is among the best musicians and rappers from Ghana. Nominated for the 2018’s BET Awards Best International Act, he is considered as the best young artist in not only Ghana but also Africa. With such inspirational accomplishments, one might be eager to know the best Kwesi Arthur songs in 2020.

Kwesi Arthur songs

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Born in 1994, Kwesi has a humble beginning. His life journey has been full of struggles, such as rickets and poverty. He at one point considered taking a security guard job to make ends mee. Astoundingly, Kwesi’s music inspiration came from Drake’s “Thank Me Later” track.

10 best Kwesi Arthur songs in 2020

Below are the excellent Kwesi Arthur tracks in 2020. They all reflect some harsh reality and mundane lifestyles.

1. Kwesi Arthur Anthem

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Released on January 30th, 2018, Anthem is still fresh in fans’ minds. It is a wonderful piece mixed by Jayfyn and written by Arthur. The opening video scene shows Kwesi preparing Gari.

It surpasses the beginning of most songs, and it is no wonder that it has continued to receive good ratings from critics. The artist showcases his discomfort with being surrounded by so many people. He is also uneasy with mingling with the opposite sex, as seen when a lady tries to sit next to him.

2. Kwesi Arthur Grind Day

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Grind Day is one of the best Kwesi Arthur songs that you should watch or listen to today. Kayso produced the song, and without any doubt, he did a good job. The track encourages people to toil hard even in times of sorrow and regardless of time, day, and week.

Kwesi narrates a story of a guy who is seemingly worried about how he will make some money. Talking of reception, the song has over 1.6 million views and a lot of positive feedback. This acceptance might have inspired him to release a remix, which also amassed a lot of watch hours.

3. Kwesi Arthur Back on the Wall

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Black on the Wall jam is enormously a great hit in the Ghanaian music industry. Kwesi explains how, when your back is on the wall, as in during your hardest times, few to no friends and people will like or even be interested in you.

The number is made for those who feel desperate or discouraged about how things are faring in their lives. Kwesi was once through all this and clearly understands the feeling. His fans have occasionally taken it to social media to praise the creativity in this song, with some of them posting videos trying out the moves showcased here.

4. Kwesi Arthur Pray for Me

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Pray for Me is one of the best songs in Kwesi’s Nkrumah-Krom album released in 2019. Here Arthur talks about how sometimes life can be unfair such that one can end up not acquiring the lifestyle that he/she desires. The lyricist is desperate, and he is close to losing hope as troubles keep befalling him.

He is certain that one day, things would turn the other way round. This is why he asks for a prayer, a clear indication to fans that invocation is the right way to go even when about to lose hope. Garnering over 60,000 YouTube views and thousands of audio downloads, the song was fairly accepted by fans.

5. Kwesi Arthur Ade Akye

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Produced by Jay Fyn, in conjunction with Kayso, you can be sure this is a great hit of all the times. The inspirational song is bound to give you a heightening feeling that will help you break all the barriers and achieve what many thought impossible.

The fresh spirit in Kwesi’s rap will surely motivate you to become a better person; hence, achieving your set goals easily. Pushing on and working hard to make dreams come true is the main message here. Adeye Akye is a popular song in the Ghanaian music industry and is often played numerous times in major TV and radio shows, not to mention DJ mixes.

6. Kwesi Arthur Seven

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Released in 2019, Seven is a remarkable and celebrated hit even in 2020. As a great Hi-Hop rap jam, it combines the finest bass, drums, and rhythm. This is why it was received with warm hands across Ghana and the entire globe. The lyricist asks for blessings from God since he has seen his buddies blessed abundantly. He asks for a good car, education, clothing, and many other things.

7. Kwesi Arthur Woara

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As you might be aware, most of Kwesi’s songs feature inspiration and motivation to listeners. Woara being one of them, touches fans with a breathtaking message. The singer uses his sweet voice to appreciate God’s grace and guidance throughout the hardest times in his personal life and also career.

He states that his music success can greatly be attributed to God only. Accepted widely, the song features exclusive instrumental combinations never heard before. The melody of the song will surely touch you to the core.

8. Kwesi Arthur Chill

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Chill is Kwesi’s latest composition that has continued to amass a lot of views daily on almost all the streaming sites. The mid-tempo jingle has quality lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals. The piece talks about a lot of things people usually crave during the summertime.

The majority prefer to go home and relax with family members, friends, or their love of life. Arthur says that he too cannot wait to wind up recording the song and go home to chill out with friends. If you fancy loosening out occasionally, then you ought to watch this song’s video as it will leave you awe-stuck.

9. Kwesi Arthur One Stone

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One Stock mainly mentions some prominent people in this world, such as Bob Marley, Kwame Nkrumah, King Mufasa, and so forth. He encourages the youth to arise and shine to bring back the glory of the land. He is confident that they will not disappoint and will at one point be the future legends. The track purposes of reminding the young generation that the aged have a lot of expectations in them.

10. Kwesi Arthur Issues

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Issues has one of the best videos ever. It is not surprising that the song has become an addict to lots of youths in the country. One can’t help but watch over and over to keep seeing the best scenes in the music video. Kwesi narrates how God works surreptitiously. He is alive because of His mercies and grace. With over 250k streams and thousands of audio download, Issues is undeniably a success.

The above Best Kwesi Arthur songs will surely motivate you as you enjoy their top-quality beats and rhythm. The music videos included will also entertain you with some of the engaging dance moves.

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