Floyd Mayweather girlfriend: Recalling his dating history

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend: Recalling his dating history

Floyd Mayweather has been on the headlines several times for both bad and good developments. When not winning titles in the ring, the heavyweight boxer is involved in a scandal or responding to trolls online. One of the most memorable negative publicity was his break-up with former girlfriend and fiancée Shantel Jackson. But as is in the celebrity world, the athlete is rolling with yet another beauty. Floyd Mayweather girlfriend came to spotlight after her curvaceous hot body went to the spotlight on social media.

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend 2017

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There is no better way to describe Floyd Mayweather’s dating life than by capturing all the women he has been with. From the time he sprang to fame, he has been praised and critiqued in nearly equal measures. One such area where he seems to have lost it big time is in his dating life. To date, he has been in many relationships with potential girlfriends, but all have ended in a dead-end.

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend Shantel Jackson is one woman who had shown the potential of being the last in the line, but this never saw the light of day. The two broke-up in a court battle that stole the headlines for a few weeks, further denting Mayweather’s already crippling poor dating record.

Recalling his dating history: Floyd Mayweather girlfriends

Apart from flossing about the enormous deposits of money he has in his numerous bank accounts, Mayweather also openly reveals how many women he keeps.

According to an interview about his girl collection club, the highly motivated boxer pointed out that he has more than seven who are close. Floyd Mayweather girlfriend miss Jackson did not seem to sit well with this reality among other things, and therefore she opted out.

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend 2017

In 2017, Floyd was in the dating scene but this time dating Abigail Clarke a British TV personality. In the same year, Floyd was once again rumoured to be in a relationship with Nikki Mudarris also known as Nikki Baby. Floyd Mayweather girlfriend Nikki Mudarris was a reality TV star, fashionista and model. She was featured in different shows including Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood owned by VH1.

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend 2015

From 2014 to 2015, Floyd Mayweather was in the dating scene with Doralie Medina. The two were such a hot couple that saw them feature in nearly every celebrity couple of the year rankings. But just like all the other women who have come to Floyd’s life, Floyd Mayweather girlfriend Doralie Medina was up in the wind following a botched relationship.

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend 2016

Netizens were once again treated to as a shocking revelation after it came to light that Mayweather was dating singer Raemarni Ball who was only 20 years old at the time. Despite refusing to acknowledge this rumour, Floyd might have been involved with a teenager way younger than himself. The online uproar didn't seem to shake the heavyweight champ as he brushed off any rumours targeting his love life.

Another remarkable development in Mayweather’s dating life came with the introduction of Mariah Carey in the dating scene. The undefeated boxing champ was not ready to hide his joy and excitement when the queen of R&B Mariah Carey said yes. Floyd Mayweather girlfriend Mariah Carey was seen hanging around the champ on various occasions, while the boxing superstar was showering her with all the attention necessary.

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Floyd Mayweather girlfriend 2019

Fast forward to 2019, Mayweather was once again a blessed man. Netizens have been asking, who is Floyd Mayweather girlfriend, and what is her nationality? Well, the reality is, Mayweather is dating Tiffanie Seasberry. The newest piece in Mayweather’s dating puzzle was pictured with him during a fight in Japan.

She was looking hot and all fresh, but rumours have it that the two had been dating for some time. Apart from being Mayweather’s girlfriend, Tiffanie is also a YouTuber and runs a lifestyle page with numerous followers. Others like Floyd Mayweather girlfriend Josie Harris might have been displeased by the negative publicity from Floyd’s interactions with other women, but Tiffanie seems to defy the odds.

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend 2013

In 2013, Mayweather was rumoured to be dating Erica Dixon form Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Currently aged 35 years, the celebrity who hails from Atlanta Georgia, United States is one of the girlfriends with the least information regarding her dating life with Floyd.

As if not enough, Floyd is also rumoured to have been dating Lindsay Lohan in the same year. The two were spotted on different occasions during a Halloween party. Lindsay is a singer/songwriter, a fashion designer, businesswoman and film producer. The rumors on Floyd Mayweather girlfriend Russia turned out to be mere hearsay.

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend photos

The following are some lovely photos of the girlfriend:

1. A trip to the beach

As always, Mayweather settles for the best and gives her all the attention due. In this photo, Mayweather decided to reveal his girlfriend through a trip to the UAE. The waters offers a perfect background for the curvaceous Tiffany in all her glory.

2. Super sexy

When your man is the strongest in the ring and commands more than half a billion dollars in prize money, you have no other option but to look sexy. Tiffany looks sassy in her blue knee-high dress. It seems she is off for a mega-party in a private yacht with only VIP guests.

3. Her curvaceousness

From the look of things, Mayweather must have been attracted by the looks and the body figure more than anything else. Tiffanie is gifted in all areas of her body outlook; she looks just like the girl for the champ. Her choice of dressing, coupled with the skin tone brings out the best in her.

4. Hot in bikini

We all agree that Tiffanie is gorgeous. Her killer super curvaceous body speaks of a woman whose confidence is unparalleled. Unlike all the other girlfriends, she doesn’t seem to have her guard down as her beauty is worth the catch for Floyd.

Floyd Mayweather girlfriend Tiffanie comes at a time when a series of botched relationships mar Mayweather's dating life. But from the look of things, she outmatches them all in terms of appearance. She is both confident and kind looking; a package that Mayweather may stick to for a long time.

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