Church member spotted in video drinking beer as Kinaata’s Things Fall Apart plays in background

Church member spotted in video drinking beer as Kinaata’s Things Fall Apart plays in background

- A video of a female church member drinking beer at a bar has surfaced on social media

- In the video, the woman is seen dressed in an outfit suitable for church service and is seated at a table with the bottle in front of her

- A man is also seen seated with her and he also has his bottle of beer in front of him as Kofi Kinaata's song, Things Fall Apart, plays in the background

Our Manifesto: This is what believes in is in possession of a video in which a woman dressed in a church outfit is seen at a bar drinking beer.

The identity of the woman is not immediately clear and the location of the bar is also yet to be confirmed.

She, however, appeared oblivious of the fact that she was being recorded as she sat at a table with the beer bottle in front of her.

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As if to drum home the point, Ghanaian musician, Kofi Kinaata’s hit song, Things Fall Apart, can be heard being played in the background.

A man, who also has a bottle of beer in front of him, is seen, also seated at the same table, and engaged in a discussion with the woman.

In other news, a video of what appears to be a traditional ceremony in Ghana has caused a stir online.

In the video, which was shared by TV3 Ghana, a group of women, who identify themselves as Secret Billions, are seen gathered at a place.

A woman wearing traditional clothes is also seen standing at the centre of the circle created by the group.

She begins a series of body gestures and as the people cheer her on she smiles and continues with her antics.

A woman hidden from the view of the camera then says, “Secret billions, we never surrender; secret billions, thousand years no puncture.”

In a typical call-and-response manner, the woman at the centre of the circle then responds to a series of statements made by the woman who is hidden from view.

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