Happy birthday sister: 150 touching wishes

Happy birthday sister: 150 touching wishes

If you have a sister or are lucky enough to have more than one, then you are the luckiest person in the world! Why so? You have so much love from one person. So, when their special day comes along, you want to make them feel special enough, and what better way than to send them some lovely happy birthday sister messages.

Happy birthday sister
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As you spend years together with your sister, whether younger or older, they become your confidant and you grow fond of them. When their birthday approaches, you want to let them know how much they mean to you and how amazing they are.

Happy birthday sister quotes

Here is a list of some sweet birthday wishes for sister that you can compile for them.

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  • A sister is God's blessing, only second to a mum. This day is all yours to make merry!
  • No one can heal my pains and make me happy with a hug like you do. Thank you for being there for me.
  • I am so proud that I have a sister like you.
  • My sister, you bring sunshine to my life.
  • Dear sister, I wish you all the best on your big day, may your life be full of every amazing things in life.
  • Sis, you are such a comfort to my life. Your words always encourage me, and your laughter heals my soul.
  • You are such a strong, amazing, and loving woman. I value your opinion now just as much as when we were kids.
  • Thanks for always making me laugh, even if it’s at myself.
  • Sis, I know you like to revel in the fact that you will always be younger than me, but really you should see it as I am so awesome that Mom and Dad decided to have a second child.
  • Sisters are a lot like magicians: sometimes they are hard to believe but occasionally they blow your mind.
  • Sis, wishing you a happy birthday at our age is a lot like listening to a Justin Bieber song: I am slightly ashamed to do it, but I just can’t help myself!
  • I know I can be overbearing and overprotective as your big brother, and you probably find that really annoying. Just know that it comes from a place of love.
  • I hope this year contains only moments that are as astounding as you are to me.
  • Only one thing makes me happier than getting to share my day with you: getting to share your birthday with you.
  • I am ecstatic that today is your birthday, baby sis! It’s a whole day where we get to celebrate how truly magnificent you.
  • When life puts me down, all I have do is picture your sweet smile, and I can stand again. You are the star of my life.
  • I hope that today brings you all the happiness you deserve. May you make memories today and every other day.
  • You're my hero, big sis. Happy one and smile sweet sister.
  • If I could package my love, kisses, and hugs, I would send them express delivery your way!

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birthday sister
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  • The Forbes Billionaire List is wrong! I am the richest person in this world because no one else has the love of an amazing sister like you. Happy birthday.
  • My little sister can't be this cute, enjoy your day, beautiful sis.
  • I appreciate your beautiful heart a lot. May your life glow brighter each day. Happy birthday.
  • I thank God for someone who will always remain by my side no matter what comes along. Happy birthday, sis.
  • We may not be together on your birthday, but our bond couldn't be any closer. Have a wonderful birthday today.
  • I wish you a beautiful smile, sweet sis. I love to the moon and back.
  • You touch my heart in ways that no one else can.
  • Our family is favored to be blessed with you. Happy birthday dear one. Lots of love from us all.
  • Happy birthday wishes are just not the same when you are so far from me. Just remember that you are never far from my heart.
  • Happy birthday to the only person in this entire world who can turn my tears into a big smile.
  • Happy birthday to someone who has only brought much joy and love into my life.
  • I could ask for no greater friend than you. You comfort me, protect me, encourage me, and love me.
  • Friends may come and go throughout my life, but family will be forever. I am so grateful that I have you for a sister.
  • Sister you are one unique snowflake. Uniquely lovable and uniquely annoying. Happy birthday.
  • Don’t worry about getting older, because every year you only shine more brightly. Thank you for always being there for me.
  • A lot of people have come and gone in my life, but one person has remained constant: my loving sister.
  • Growing up I always looked up to you, and as we grow older, nothing changes. Thanks for always showing me the way.
  • I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. It feels like just yesterday you couldn’t even dress yourself, but now I come to you for fashion advice. Happy birthday to my sister!
  • Sister, no one shines as brightly as you do. Thanks for always bringing the sparkle into my life.

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Funny sister quotes

Here is a list of some funny quotes you can send their way. The list includes appy birthday sister images

birthday sister
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  • Happy birthday to my favorite sister! Thank goodness you become wiser as you get older. Just kidding. You are the best sis!
  • Dear Sister, I love you with all my heart!
  • If my love for you could be expressed in one birthday cake, it would stretch from here and all the way to the moon.
  • You are such an adorable bundle of energy. Happy birthday from your older and wiser sibling.
  • Having a sister like you is like having a third parent: you hold me up and love me whenever I need it. Happy birthday my love!
  • You spent so much of your life building me up, sister. I hope to spend the rest of mine doing the same for you.
  • You always know just the right buttons to push to bring out the worst in me, but you also always know how to calm me down. I hope that you have an annoyance-free birthday!
  • Sister, you are just like a Disney princess: you are pretty, you can sing, and you seem to think our home is your castle! Happy one.
  • When you need someone to be there for the most important parts of your life, I am a phone call away.
  • When you were younger, you always pestered me for advice, but as we have grown, I now get to pester you instead, which I enjoy. Happy birthday sis.
  • Having a sister as generous as you lifts my spirit when I am feeling down. Thanks in advance, and I love you more!
  • Despite the fact that we had so many fights when we were younger, we always made up eventually. Thank you for always forgiving me.
  • Sis, you are a delightful person who is great at everything they do. Just know that as the older sibling I am even better! Happy birthday!
  • People like you are hard to come by. You have a kind heart and a loving soul. To be honest, I am not sure how we are even sisters, but I am grateful anyway.
  • I really mean it when I say I love you. Not just because you are my family, but because you are my all.
  • I hope your birthday is full of exciting surprises and joyful discoveries.
  • I am sending you lots of positive thoughts and goodwill for your birthday since I can’t be there in person. Happy birthday!
  • Today is all about you. I’m not sure you’re ready, so prepare for the best birthday a girl could ask for!
  • When I think of you, I think of warm hugs, big smiles, and lively laughter. I hope your special day is as unforgettable as you are.
  • A sister is someone who always understands you, cares for you, and loves you. You are an exceptional sister.
  • People say that memories from childhood will never be lost. I’ll always remember everything about my superb sister.
  • Sisters are one of life’s greatest gifts. Happy birthday to my sister who plays so many roles in my life.
  • Happy birthday to my sister who has stolen my heart. May your life bring only sweet surprises and magical memories.
  • Dear sister, for all the times you defended me when we were kids, I am forever grateful. Happy birthday my love!
  • People without sisters are really missing out in life. At least, I am fortunate enough to have an amazing sister to do those things with.
  • I hope that in life you always keep a smile on your face and hope in your heart.
  • My childhood would not have been nearly as memorable without you in it. I can’t believe I was so resistant to having a baby sister!
  • Sis, may your birthday be the start of a prosperous and fulfilling year. May it also be filled with more cake than candles!
  • I know that there are people who somehow make it through life without a sister, but man am I so lucky I am not one of them.
  • Sis, no one gets me quite like you. I hope your birthday is filled with prosperity, love and good fortune.
  • If life isn’t going your way just look ahead to the future because there is no future that doesn’t include me being there for you.
  • Now that we’re older I really miss our “sister” times. I feel like you should come over and we can do “baking together” again. You can help me bake your birthday cake!
  • You are one seriously creative woman, sis. I know this because I remember all those times you managed to finagle yourself out of trouble when we were children. Happy birthday!
  • I know that if I'm ever in trouble, I can always count on you- because the only thing crazier than me is you! Enjoy your day, wild thing!
  • I'm really glad to see my baby sister is growing up to be a beautiful princess! It's almost time to find her a charming prince as a birthday gift to sweep off her feet!
  • As you grow into an increasingly amazing woman, always remember to introduce me to your friends who share the same qualities.
  • Birthdays are always special to me because it's the only thing that we did not have to share as siblings! Enjoy your birthday.
  • Sis, may your beauty continue to increase day by day so that I sell you to your prospective husband. I will sure make a lot of money.
  • Sis, you are in all of my favorite childhood memories! Happy birthday to someone who has made my life better!
  • On this special day, I can write a thousand passionate words expressing how you make me feel, my loving sister, but then our mum would kick me out!

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Sweet birthday wishes for your sister

  • Little sis! I have watched you grow into such an amazing, strong woman. You truly inspire. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my dearest sister. I wish that many doors of opportunities open for you as you move into the next exciting chapter of your life.
smile sweet sister
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  • Dear sis, I have watched you blossom into a beautiful damsel over the years. Have a great birthday today.
  • Today is a great day, not just because it's the day you were born, but because it's the day I graduated to a sister. On this day, I became the happiest girl on earth. I love you so much.
  • Happy birthday to you, sis. It is my wish that your life will sparkle and brighten than the stars.
  • Your birthday is a special day in our family, sis! It notes the day when someone special to us was born! Happy birthday!
  • It's a wonderful privilege to be your sister; to have shared the same and best womb with you.
  • I am happy to have shared my secrets and toys with you, Happy birthday! May this special day be amazing!
  • You are everything I could ever wish for in a sister. Thank you for filling my life with not only laughter but love as well. Happy birthday love!
  • Sister, you are always my rock in life. Happy birthday!
  • There is no love more genuine like that between sisters; our love will never end. Sisters are friends for life that always have your back.
  • I really do treasure the memories of our times together. Happy birthday to my truly adored and loved sister!
  • Sis, you are just like a rainbow: pretty, colorful, and you make my life more vibrant. Thank you for always being there through my rainy periods in life. Happy birthday sis!
  • Sis, you’re just like a piece of chocolate: sweet, decadent, addictive, and you totally bring up my mood when I am grumpy! Thank you for always adding sweetness and love to my life.
  • I am so grateful that you are my sister. I can’t even imagine how my life would have turned out without you by my side. You have brought me tremendous joy in life. I love you.
  • All of my favorite childhood memories have one thing in common: they all consist of you. You made my childhood worthwhile, but it’s my future I most look forward to sharing with you. Thank you sis.
  • Sister, no other person could ever hold a candle to you, because you are too hot to handle! Happy birthday to my older, lovely, and feisty sister.
  • I couldn't have made it this far in life without you, my sister. Thank you for your selfless contribution to my life's success. You are special, sis, and I love you so much — happy born day.
  • To my beautiful sister, happy birthday.
  • May you have all the joy your heart can embrace, all smiles a day can bring, and all the blessings life can reveal.

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smile sweet sister
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  • Have a fantastic day because you deserve it! I love you, sis.
  • I am sending the best wishes and lots of love to my one and only sister on her new birthday!
  • Who's the best sister ever? YOU are my love!
  • May God fill your life with love, happiness, wealth, and good fortune this day. Best wishes on your birthday.
  • They say that friends come and friends go, but sisters remain. Happy one.
  • A sis is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, and a golden thread to the meaning of life. Enjoy your day.
  • They say spending time with your sister is like going back to your childhood for a short time. Those memories can never be lost, and neither will the bond we share. Happy birthday.
  • You are adorable, caring, and loving. Happy birthday my sweet sister!
  • Having a sister to talk to and laugh with is more than a blessing! On your special day, may you feel loved!
  • I hope your birthday brings you as many blessings that you could ever wish for.
  • Happy birthday to my sister: the queen of all hearts, including mine.
  • Happy birthday to a lovely sister who has brought more smiles and joy to my life.
  • Friends are for a season. But sisters are forever. I love you my darling sister!
  • You make my life complete by being my sister. Your love and care cannot be compared to anything in life.
  • I used to think you were just born bossy, but then I realized you got it from me! Good job learning from the best. Happy birthday to my beloved sister!
  • You never doubt that I can do anything, and it’s because you always push me forward that I have become who I am today. Thank you.
  • Happy birthday to someone who has enriched my life in so many ways to count: my adorable and loving sis.
  • You are the best sister in the world. Happy birthday to my perfect sister.
  • Your birthday brings many things to mind: love, joy, and good feelings.
  • Even though we didn’t grow up having much, I always remember my childhood as being bountiful. That’s because it was full of priceless moments spent with you my sis.

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Now that you have on your fingertips happy birthday sister wishes and quotes, do not let their special day pass without them feeling special and adored.

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