15 unobvious signs he's not the one

15 unobvious signs he's not the one

So you have been seeing this cute guy for a while now, but your heart does not feel him. You ask yourself why you are not into him and do not like him wholeheartedly. Probably because he does not treat you right, and there is no love between the two of you. It is high time to move on and find that guy who will make you feel like a queen. So, which are the unobvious signs he's not the one for you?

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It is better to be single but be happy since you only have one life to live. Many get into relationships because of what others will say about them or maybe all their friends have a partner. You ought to live life to its’ fullest, and if love comes knocking at your door, then open it and move on to the next chapter. Never force a relationship to work, mainly if your boyfriend is showing some of these signs discussed below.

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1. You are making the first move

If you find yourself always starting a conversation or reminding him to take you out, then this a clear indication that he is not interested in you. A guy who is into you will put you first no matter his line of work. He will find some quality time to spend with the one he cares most about. You may find yourself asking is he falling for me, but clearly, he is not.

2. You have a list of flaws about him

If you are always seeing the negative side of him, then you need to think through with a clear mind and decide if you wish to continue with the relationship. Once you find your soulmate, you will not find a flaw about him that you will want to change. He will be perfect in your eyes since he's the one for you.

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3. You do not trust each other

Trust is one of the fundamental components in a relationship. Without it, both of you are just wasting each other’s time. This means that you do not trust him when he is the company of other women and vice versa. If that is the case, call it quits and on. There are over 6 billion people on the planet, at least one of them will be a perfect match for you.

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4. He does not listen to you

Men are known for not being good listeners, but they make an effort for a relationship to work. Once you get the feeling that he is not listening to you, think twice. He may have had a tiresome day or just not in the mood, which is understandable but does not happen often. This is one of the significant signs he's not into you.

5. Your friends do not like him

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Nowadays, women usually need approval from their friends. They will ask if he is hot, good looking, and a suitable fit for them. In most cases, their friends agree and give them the green light to date him. But if they do not, ask yourself some questions before proceeding to the next step.

6. You do not know his friends

A man who does not feel you will never let you meet his friends or family. He does not want you to know much about him since he does not value what you both share. This is a straightforward way to understand that both of you were not meant to be.

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7. He admits to you he is not into relationships

Once a guy tells you he does not value a relationship, then you do not need to read in between the lines to understand he is trying to drive an important point home. He is not the man you want to stick with to avoid a hurt break.

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8. You are not yourself when he is around

Most couples are more than comfortable with each other since they love each other. They fart around, imitate each other’s voices, and tell jokes to make the day enjoyable, especially if one is feeling depressed. But if you are uncomfortable when he is around you, there must be a good reason. Maybe he looks down at you and criticizes your every move; then, this is one of the signs he doesn't love you at all.

9. Flirting around with other women

If your man is looking at other girls and smiling at them in your presence, then you got to reconsider your options. This is one of the signs he's not the one to marry. You need to get back in the dating pool and find someone who will not check out other girls.

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10. You often think about being single

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The thought of breaking up with him often crosses your mind, but you have never gone through with it. You instantly know that you're not the one for me if you are not scared of losing someone you are dating.

11.Does not give you attention

If a guy does not give you the attention you deserve, that shows he is not interested in you. This is how to know if he's the one for you. Most men understand the priorities that women consider for then to be their boyfriend. Apparently, wishing to be close to her whenever free is what a real man will do.

12. You hardly open up to him

A relationship is a two-way street. For it to work and achieve a couple's goals, you need to communicate and say how you feel and what you think is best for both of you. But if you are finding it hard to talk about an issue to your boyfriend, it would be best to call it quits before it is too late. This is how to know if he is the one for you.

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13. He insults or abuses you

This is one of the common signs he's not the one for you. You need to pack your belongings and get as far away as you can from him. A spouse partner who abuses another does not respect them. You need to understand that a relationship can never work without respect, commitment, and trust. This is a red flag, and among the signs, he doesn't care about the relationship.

14. The chemistry is gone

Once you stop making love with your partner, then there is a big problem that needs both of your attention. If not, walk away, and you will find a better guy who you will always be attracted to.

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15. You are incompatible

In most cases, you find that you do not share the same relationship goals. He wants babies, and you do not. You want a wedding, but he does not see the need for it. Then this is one of the signs he doesn't want a relationship with you, and it would be best to break up. If you find yourself asking is he the one for me, most likely he is not the man of your dreams.

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Never rush a relationship because you will end up hurt. It would be best to take it slow, like baby steps for you to be on the safe side in the long run. You do not need therapy or a mentor to know if the guy you are dating is the right one for you. It is straight forward; all you need is to open your eyes and read in between the lines. These are some of the unobvious signs he's not the one for you.

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