Traditional Ghana food: 15 best recipes

Traditional Ghana food: 15 best recipes

Traditional Ghana food is known to be one of the best around the world. The country is also known to be rich in culture. What else do you know about Ghana?

Fufu food
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Ancient Ghana food encourages the use of local crops that ensures the making of comfort foods. Ghanaians include some starchy rich in nutrients foods, to make their cuisine healthy as shown in these pictures of Ghana food. Also, they put a lot of effort to put together their meals. Below are 15 best recipes of traditional Ghana food and interesting facts about Ghana food.

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1. Fufu food

What is fufu? In Ghana, fufu is made by grinding a mixture of boiled cassava and green plantain, with the frequent addition of cocoyam into a soft, sticky paste. It is a popular formal dish in West African countries. Fufu is often enjoyed with different types of soup. This meal has different names depending on the region like fufu, foofoo or foufou.

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Pictures of ghana food
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2. Plantain

There is a saying that says; the best food is the simplest to cook. Plantain is among the best Ghana food recipies. The food takes less than 11 minutes to prepare and it can be fried, cooked, boiled or roasted.

Ghana food banku
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3. Banku

Ghana food banku is a staple food. It is fermented corn and cassava dough, combined along with water and salt having a dough-like consistency. Ewe people call it akple and the Fanti group call this banku or estwe.

Kenkey ghana food
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4. Kenkey

Kenkey Ghana food is the local dishes. It is made up of fermented maise dough steamed while wrapped in banana leaves. It is best served with either mini tilapias, hot sauce or pepe. Alternatively, it is known as dorkuno, kormi, or kokoe. It tastes dumpling-like item and has a sour taste.

Local dishes
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5. Jollof rice

Jollof rice Ghana is a one-pot dish with rice cooked in a tomato paste with other spices. It originated from Senegal/Gambia West Africa. Ghanaian Jollof rice is distinctive orange and mostly served with chicken or beef. It is a common West African dish and saffron added is useful as a variation. Besides, it is made from basmati rice and has more spice not to be confused with Nigerian jollof rice.

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ghana food recipies
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6. Chichinga

It is one of the Ghana street food, kind of kebab made with chicken, beef or goat. Chichinga is so prevalent in Accra’s street stalls rubbed in a spice mix known as suya. Suya is a combination of peppers, ground peanuts, and some other spices.

Ghana food recipes
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7. Kelewele

For anyone who visits Ghana, kelewele is a must-try snack. They taste a complex mixture of sweet and spicy with a crunchy exterior texture and a soft interior. Made from ripe plantain chopped cubes, soaked in a mix of ginger, pepper, garlic and then fried. Best served with plain rice, stew, or Ghanaian desserts. It is an Accra food popularly offering at the street stalls.

Ghana food menu
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8. Waakye

Waakye is another Ghana street food pronounced as ‘wa chi’ and mostly eaten as breakfast or lunch. Prepared with rice and beans accompanied with a spicy meat stew, fried fish, spaghetti, boiled eggs, plantains, moist grated cassava and vegetables. Street food vendors in Ghana, traditionally serve Waakye with a large plant leaves or clear plastic bags.

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Accra food
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9. Ampesi

It’s a complete meal consisting of boiled cassava, yam, plantain, cocoyam, and potatoes. However, two or three combinations of these ingredients are also ampesi. Locals accompany it with either fish stew, tomatoes or kontomire stew. Ampesi has multiple tastes of the ingredients but in an ultra-fine way. It’s such a healthy traditional Ghana food full of nutrients.

Traditional Ghana food
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10. Groundnut soup

Ghanaians came up with the widest variety of groundnut soup because of their love for soup. At first groundnut soup might look like spicy curry, but it is a combination of peanut butter, palm oil, fish, plum tomatoes, goat meat or beef and other spices. Its initially gets the bright color from tomatoes and groundnuts. In this dish, the influence of Indian flavors is unrecognizable.

Ancient ghana food
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11. Omo Tuo

With so much soup in Ghanaian dishes, you can probably tell they love to make starchy side dish. Omo tuo is yet another dish to soak up Ghanaians soups, sauces and stews. Its cooked white rice moulded into small ball shapes and usually served with soup.

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Ghana food menu
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12. Red Red

Many visitors in Ghana would shy away at first sight of cooked beans. However, red red is one of the traditional Ghanaian food. It has managed to reignite the love of beans in many people not only in Ghana. Red red is cooked into an excellent bean curry and can include either fish or mix of prawns. The red colour comes from the red palm oil used to prepare the stew. Besides, in most places, it is equipped with tomato paste.

Ghana food photos
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13. Shoko

Another traditional Ghana food, very affordable dish during the struggling time. Also, it can be a nice break from the usual Ghana food recipes. It so significance through the toughest of times and can never be overrated. Shoko is a spicy, hearty and full of greens.

Traditional Ghana food
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14. Akotonshi

Crab dishes are known to be a show-stealer in many famous seafood restaurants in Ghana food menu. But the Ghanaians twist has taken this crab dish known as Akotonshi into another new level. It is a combination of crab meat, eggs, and chillies in a tomato-based sauce.

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Accra food
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15. Strawberry fool

Desserts are the crowning point of any cookery, and the strawberry fool is one of the most beautiful Ghanaians desserts. Made from strawberries, wine and cream whereby, it's one of the most delicate balances of cream and wine with strawberry. Trust me you can’t make a list without a dessert!

Traditional Ghana food is healthy, full of nutrients and affordable to anyone. Ghana food photos illustrate that you can prepare these dishes at the comfort of your home. These foods are so fast and easy to make because mostly they are one-pot cookery dishes. These are some meals to cook for your family or any other occasions.

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