10 largest stadiums in the world: location, capacity, area

10 largest stadiums in the world: location, capacity, area

In the 21st century, sports and recreation are some of the most significant scores in the world today. Some of the world's mega-structures comprise of not only dams and bridges but also the largest sports stadiums the world has ever witnessed.

List of largest stadiums in the world
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The list of largest stadiums in the world comprises mostly of those in the United States for college and University football leagues. Most of the African countries except South Africa and Nigeria have below-standard stadiums that cannot even feature among the top 1000. Most of these arenas are owned by independent clubs, giving them the freedom to make any adjustments if needed.

Top 10 largest stadiums in the world

Stadiums are architectural marvels that offer enough space to conduct entertainment activities, theatre events, and even celebrations. The United States dominates in the number of largest stadiums in the world by area. With American football as the largest sport, the country has seen the rise of mega arenas across different states. Here are the biggest grounds in the world:

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1. Rungrado the 1st of May stadium

Location: Pyongyang North Korea | Capacity: 114,000 sitting

May Day Stadium also known as Rungrado is the biggest stadium in the world in terms of size and capacity. It is located in the Pyongyang city of North Korea and was officially opened to the public on the 1st of May, 1989. The first event to be hosted in the arena was the World Festival of Youth and Students.

It stands at a height of 60 meters and can allow 114 000 people in any particular sitting. It is also the home team for the North Korea Women national football team. Despite being in existence for more than 30 years now, it still goes unchallenged as the world's standard in terms of arena construction.

Apart from the magnificence in terms of its size, it is also an engineering marvel, given that it supports almost the population of an entire town. Another fascinating feature about the arena is that it is located on an island with bridges connecting it to the rest of the mainland.

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2. Michigan Stadium

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States | Capacity: 107,601

The United States hosts most of the largest arenas in the world. Michigan Stadium, also known as "The Big House," is the home turf for the University of Michigan football team. As it stands, it is the largest arena in the U.S today and the second largest in the world. It was built in 1927 to a tune of $950,000.

Initially, the ground had a capacity of about 72,000 people. However, progressive construction and expansion works saw the arena undergo different transformations with the 2015 amendment giving it the current sitting capacity of 107,601 people in total.

Since its inception as the home team to Michigan University football team, the arena has recorded some of the largest crowds appearing for a football match. The 7th of September, 2013 115,109 attendance was the largest ever gathering to date.

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3. Beaver Stadium

Location: State College, Pennsylvania, United States | Capacity: 106,572 people

Beaver is the second-largest pitch in the United States and the third in the world in terms of sitting capacity and size. It is the home arena for the University Park, Pennsylvania football team. Its construction dates back to 1909 when some parts of the arena were erected.

It is operated by the Pennsylvania State University and was recently voted one of the best grounds for college football in the U.S. The initial design of the arena had a capacity of about 46,284 people but was over the years expanded to the current capacity of 106,572 people.

4. Kyle Field

Location: College Station, Texas, United States | Capacity: 102,733 seats

Kyle Filed is the largest football field in the southern hemisphere, and the third-largest in the U.S. Its construction dates back to 1904 and since then has remained the home for Texas A&M Aggies football team.

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The capacity has changed from the initial 32,890 people in 1927 to the current 102, 733 following a series of expansion works. Since its inception, it has recorded the largest ever fan attendance of 110,633 people on the 11th of October, 2014.

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5. Neyland Stadium

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee, United States | Capacity: 102, 455 people

Neyland is a sports stadium located in Knoxville, Tenessee, the U.S. It hosts several events in the state but also is a sports arena for football games. Primarily, it is the home team for the Tennessee Volunteers football team.

Apart from sports, it also hosts various events, including the National football league exhibition. Standing at an official capacity of 102,455 people, it is the fourth largest arena in the U.S. To date, the largest ever recorded attendance was 109,061 fans on the 18th of September, 2004.

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6. Tiger Stadium

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | Capacity: 102,321 people

Tiger Stadium is the home ground for the Detroit Tigers team. It is also known as Navin Field and Briggs Stadium. The size has significantly transformed following a series of expansion works from the initial 23,000 people to the current of 102,321 people. Initial works started in October 1911 and opened on the 20th of April, 1912.

However, following a series of redevelopments and changes of guard by teams, it was demolished on the 30th of June, 2008, and reconstructed just a year later. Some various historical events and games have happened at the Tiger Grounds and remain in the U.S national register of historic places.

7. Ohio Stadium

Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States | Capacity: 102,082 seats

Ohio Stadium is the largest arena in the state of Ohio and the fifth largest in the U.S. it is also known as Horseshoe, the shoe or the house that Harley Built. The primary purpose for its construction was to be a home turf fro the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.

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However, it has since served various other functions, including hosting the Ohio State University events and games. Ohio State University currently operates under the Department of Athletics. Since its inception, the largest ever attendance was the 26th of November, 2016, the capacity of 110,045 fans.

8. Bryant - Denny Stadium

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States | Capacity: 101,082 seats

Bryant - Denny Stadium is an outdoor arena located at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The Southeastern-based arena is home to the Crimson Tide football team that plays in the southeastern conference.

With a seating capacity of 101,082 people, the field is the eighth largest in the world and seventh in the U.S. So far, the U.S. is dominating the number of largest grounds, with most of them being dedicated to college football.

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9. Darrell K Royal -Texas Memorial Stadium

Location: Austin, Texas, United States | Capacity: 100,119

At the ninth position is Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, which is also dedicated to sports. For a long time, it has been the home turf for the Longhorns football team. Thanks to the humongous size of the arena, the home team has enjoyed massive support from the locals and nationwide, delivering its record win in the 17th of November, 2018 at 374-117-10 score.

This far, it has had a record attendance of 103,507 people in the match Trojans v. Texas Longhorns held on the 15th of September, 2018.

10. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | Capacity: 100,024 seats

Wrapping up the list of ten mega arenas in the world is the Melbourne Cricket stadium in Australia. It is the largest grounds in Australia and by far the largest in the region. The cricket stadium is one of the choicest locations for international cricket tournaments in the world and the southern hemisphere.

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The arena is managed by the Melbourne Cricket Club and hosts cricket leagues in the Southern hemisphere. In terms of size, it is the tenth-largest in the world and the largest cricket ground in the world.

These are the ten largest stadiums in the world by size and sitting capacity. Unfortunately, there are no European stadiums on the list. Camp Nou, the home to Barcelona football club, is the largest in Europe with a capacity of 99,354 seats. This still falls short as the U.S. based stadiums as AT&T stadium capacity of 100,000 seats come at the 11th position.

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