50+ best name tattoos ideas: photos

50+ best name tattoos ideas: photos

Is there any other incredibly excellent way to remember the existence of a person other than marking a part of your body with their name? What's the surest way that you won't forget your title after suffering amnesia? Name tattoos are the solutions to the above. There are more than just words carved with ink but a potent reminder of either who you are or who you value the most. It is an eternal mark of significance not only to oneself but also to the ones you genuinely care about.

Kids name tattoos for men
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The first representative of a person's identity is the name by which others use to refer to him or her. Tattoos artists are inspired by a person's character or rather appellation in creating some of the best-personalized designs. This could be the tattoo's bearer's title or that of his or her loved one.

Although such are the simplest ones, they stand as the most sought after type. Some people prefer a title simply inked on their bodies while others opt for more intricate and detailed forms of art by incorporating things such as a flower, fish, an anchor dream catcher, or any other preferred object.

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Best name tattoos

The following is a detailed list of best name tattoos ideas and photos with various placements and fonts. They will help you honor yourself or another person by having his or her title inked onto your body. Check them out for some real inspiration.

Kids name tattoos

Roses with name tattoos
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This is one of the most significant types. No love or relationship can compare to that of a child with their parents as it is the only one that is fully unconditional, selfless, and forgiving. Kids name tattoos for men are not only cool but also a symbol of your unconditional love for your kids. Take a look at these children name tattoos for some inspiration.

  1. Birthday date design
  2. Arrow design
  3. Bumble Bee
  4. Block art design
  5. Crown with title
  6. Anchor with title design
  7. Rose flower design
  8. Elephant symbol design
  9. White Ink Mark idea

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Name tattoos for men

Men have a variety of choices in terms of the places where a mark can be inked on their bodies. Some of the possible mark options for men include, last name tattoos, wife name tattoos for the married men, or family name tattoos for the men who want to carry on with the legacy of their families. If you are looking to get either of the above marks categories, check out the ideas below.

  1. Fox type model
  2. Heartbeat
  3. Dandelion
  4. Infinity with title model
  5. Tropical wife’s title sign
  6. Footprint model
  7. Butterfly model
  8. Lotus model
  9. Hourglass model

Forearm name tattoos

This may contain several things; it could be baby name tattoos or personal title mark. You can choose to have a simple design or make it as complicated and unique as you can. Check out the tattoo ideas below as they will help you in deciding the type you want to be inked on your forearm.

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  1. Title with hearts
  2. Infinity sign with title
  3. Simple tag design
  4. Double terms with a heart
  5. A Banner, Locket, and Skeleton Key design
  6. Simple title with a heart
  7. Title with watercolor heart
  8. Black and bold cursive font
  9. Arrows with multiple tags
  10. Black thin cursive font design
  11. Sister flowers

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Name tattoos on foot

Over the recent past, foot symbols have continued to gain popularity among individuals. The trend is more prevalent among women and girls because of the striking appearance and colorful nature. They are an excellent choice for those who are looking for something decent and impressive.

  1. Drop shadow design
  2. Illegible cursive font
  3. Little sister design with infinity sign
  4. Indentation spell-out design
  5. Emilio art design
  6. Script design
  7. Quote model
  8. Title with an arrow design
  9. Hunter heartbeat
  10. Graffiti with birth date

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Wrist name tattoos

The wrist is a perfect place to have a title inked on. The ideas possible for this kind are endless. It is a unisex kind as it suits both men and women. Check out the ideas below on some amazing wrist title displays.

  1. Bracelet with charms
  2. Crowns with tags
  3. Dad title with a heart
  4. Cursive font
  5. One initial with a heart
  6. Two labels with infinity sign
  7. Elaborate black font design
  8. Mother holding baby
  9. Black script font on the wrist
  10. Themed piece
  11. Titles and crossed arrows

Thigh name tattoos

These are popular among women than men. There are thousands and thousands of the possible samples that you could try out depending on the outcome you hope to achieve as well as the meaning you want to be embellished on your thigh. Roses with name tattoos are some of the most popular ones among women.

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  1. Heart with infinity sign
  2. Title infinity
  3. Heartbeat with name
  4. Scripted word style
  5. Red rose style
  6. Yellow rose style
  7. White rose with a heart
  8. Tattoo and no-tattoo mixture
  9. Popular cursive style
  10. Negative space style
  11. Big and bold style

Name tattoos are considered one of the best and unique accessories on a person’s body. They tell a lot about the inner world and the personality of the person wearing them; hence they act as a form of self-expression. The ideas above are great inspiration if you are looking forward to getting a name tattoo someday.

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