200+ awesome beach sayings for Instagram

200+ awesome beach sayings for Instagram

Nothing is as refreshing, beautiful and serene as spending some quality time sitting by the seaside. The experience of being around the beach is even more valuable during summer. Who doesn’t love to capture these moments in their cameras? Isn't creating such memories beautiful? Besides wouldn't you want to share those happy moments with your friends on Instagram? The entire beach vibe of the music, sun and the sand looks perfect when posted alongside awesome beach sayings.

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Whether you have plans of spending some time on the beach chilling, absorbing some vitamin D or just relaxing, it is always great fun unleashing your seaside experience on social media. If you want to share that experience with your virtual friends and you don't have some catchy captions for your Instagram posts, we are here for you.

The best beach sayings for Instagram

Are you longing to post a cool, awesome, sexy, sassy and funny caption for your beach pictures, yet you are not a skilled user of words? We have made it super simple for you. Here is a list of some awesome beach sayings that will work best for your Instagram caption.

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Funny beach sayings

Give your friends a reason to smile once they scroll down your Instagram pictures. After all, creating a smile on your buddies face is one of the greatest acts of service you can offer them. Here is a list of funny beach sayings that will leave you Instagram friends in stitches.

  • Always live your life in a bikini.
  • Please! Beach.
  • One of the things I adore most is a seaside vacation without considering what time of the week it is.
  • My only worry for today is whether the tide will reach my chair.
  • I am currently pretending that I am at the beach.
  • Now that I am at the seaside guess what, I'll never get back.
  • Life is far much better in flip flops.
  • I wish my health insurance would cover this seaside therapy.
  • I am all about love, life and the pursuit of my next seaside trip.
  • At the moment, I am all about 80 degrees and palm trees.
  • This girl just wants to have some sun.
  • Let us be beach bums this day.
  • Although life takes you to different paths, my favourite one is the one that leads to the seaside.
  • There are just two simple ways to have a beach body, just have a body and secondly, take a trip to the beach.
  • All I need is to get some seaside therapy.

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beach sayings for Instagram
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  • Guess who I am today, an ocean-holic.
  • Whether it’s a cloudy day at the seaside, it’s still a day at the seaside.
  • Although they say there is no place like home, I think the seaside is an exception.
  • Sometimes I sit and wonder whether the shore misses me as I do.
  • Today I followed my heart, and it led me to the seaside.
  • I can’t keep calm because I am at the beach.
  • They say that everyone should at least believe in something; I think i should take a trip to the beach.

Short beach sayings

Your beach quotes don't have to be too long to express your mood at the seaside. Check out these short beach sayings for that sweet and sexy selfie you took at the shoreline.

  • Don't hold it back; just go with the flow.
  • I am happier than the seagull with French fries.
  • I am chilling more with these cute flip-flop memories.
  • I love you to the shore and back.
  • Hey, it’s sandy toes.
  • Where do good vibes happen? Near the beach.
  • I am enjoying this little sun on a beach.
  • It is a beautiful day to enjoy the seashore.
  • I am lost somewhere in this vast Sea.
  • The seaside is my happy place.
  • Salty water is the cure to everything.
  • Refreshing dip, hot sun, everything is perfect.
  • It’s time to get nautical.
  • It’s a sandy hair, don’t care day at the seaside.
  • I am profoundly missing those palm trees.
  • Let the countdown to this seaside start.
  • Over the hill is the beautiful seashore.
  • I am partying like a crazy lobster.
  • Beaching more makes you worry less.

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  • I have never loved being in a shady seashore.
  • I am deliberately giving in to pier pressure down at the seaside.
  • I am at the seaside, screaming shell yeah!
  • I don’t want to be tide down.
  • I prefer legs over hot dogs, any day every day.
  • I am enjoying my mid-summer ice cream.
  • I am all about good vibes and high tides.
  • I am enjoying the sand in my hair and salt in the air.
  • Forget about all the other vitamins because what you need is just a good dose of Vitamin Sea.

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Beach sayings for Instagram

Take a look at the following beach saying and you will find one that best suits that elegant photo you took at the seaside, and you want to share it with your virtual friends on Instagram.

  • The lower the attitude, the better your attitude will be.
  • Let the ocean set you free.
  • A breeze from the oceans puts your mind at ease.
  • Let the sand be your comfortable seat as the waves hit on your feet.
  • I am enjoying sandy toes and sun-kissed nose.
  • If you have a tan, you don’t need to have a man.
  • It’s just you, me a cold drink and the calm Sea.
  • A palm tree and the seas breeze go hand in hand.
  • I love the sand, the sun and a drink in my hands.
  • Wake up, eat, go to the seaside, repeat.
  • I am playing in the sand because life is a beach.
  • Even though the sky is full of clouds, don’t let the seaside bring you down.
  • The best memories made when wearing flip-flops.
  • Even though you can shake the sand off your feet, you can’t shake it off your heart.
  • When the tans are all faded, the memories will remain forever.
  • Life is like a wave, and you should get a hold of it.
  • I want to run as long as the length of the seashore because it never ends.
  • I must go because the shore is calling.
  • The day I met the seaside, I became love at first sight.
  • Always aspire to love by the moon and live by the sea.
  • The beach is the best escape anyone can get.

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  • I went to the seaside because I wanted to build a castle in the sand.
  • At the seaside, time seem a little bit different. It is all too slow yet someway all way too fast.
  • Always make sure that you Sea more of this world, one beach at a time.
  • Hey! Keep palm and enjoy the seaside.
  • Whether it’s a high tide or tide, I prefer staying by your side.
  • I made this summer body during the winter.

Inspirational beach sayings

Do you want some inspirational saying for that cute picture you wish to post on Instagram? Here are some fantastic beach quotes that will interest you.

  • Please do not grow old too quickly; otherwise, you will forget how much you love the seashore.
  • Even if we lose ourselves; you and me, trust me, we will always find ourselves in the Sea.
  • If you want cures for any illness, find the saltwater which comes with tears, sweat or merely the ocean.
  • Life is short, live it in the sunshine, drink in the wild air and swim in the Sea.
  • We will take our direction once we are in the waves of change.
  • The best form of therapy to cure all illness is shore therapy.
  • I religiously go to the seashore because it’s my beach therapy sessions.
  • The happiest I can ever get is when I am floating in the Sea.
  • Time spent at the seaside is not time wasted.
  • The soothing smell of the sea will never grow old.
  • Always aim to dream higher than the sky and more profound than the Sea.
  • Where there is a will, there is a wave.
  • My dreams are made of the waves, the sand and salty water.
  • Even though you cannot stop the waves, you can always learn how to surf through them.
  • I crave to find love so deep that it will get the Sea to be jealous.
  • I wish that you may find joy and happiness as deep as the ocean.
  • Happiness is like the sea, it comes in waves.
  • Whenever I see the ocean, I become happy.
  • The seaside is the only place where doing completely; nothing equals doing something significant.
  • If you want something to soothe your soul, just take a walk at the seaside.
  • The best dreams are made of the sun and the sand.
  • My love for you will always be like the endless ocean.
  • Today, I had a side of the beach with my morning coffee.

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Cute beach sayings

Life is incomplete without good friends and real friendships. Even though you didn’t take all your friends with you to the shore, share your experience with them by posting some of your cute seaside photos with the following cute sayings for the caption.

  • You are the only fish in my ocean.
  • I wish that I may always have sand in my toes and a shell in my pocket.
  • All I desire is to watch as the waves are rolling in.
  • Even though I sink, my heart will always be floating.
  • Take a look at the never-ending waters and the endless Sea.
  • I want to be somewhere where the stars kiss the Sea.
  • Nothing is terrible at the sea, even the rain.
  • I am all about the endless sea and salty eyelashes.
  • The sun, best friends, the ocean and the sand sounds like a perfect summer holiday to me.
  • You will never hate having too much beach.
  • Even the castles that are made of sand still fall in the sea.
  • The upper end of every river strongly believes in the sea.
  • I need the ocean because it is my teacher.

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  • My love for you is like that of the sea and the shore.
  • This summer, I was made for the ocean.
  • The Sea is the only place that makes me just relax and forget the rest of the world.
  • Nothing is as timeless and the tides and as endless as the ocean.
  • I am grateful for the seashore; it’s the only place I want to be.
  • The only thing I desperately need is some few days at the shore.
  • If you are the shore and you are not barefoot, you are overdressed.
  • I always fix my peace whenever I am at the shore.
  • All I need to make my life great is a six months’ vacation to the coast, twice every year.
  • I am having mermaid kisses and starfish wishes.
  • I am enjoying a tropical state of mind.
  • I wish to have fewer Mondays but more vacations to the coast.

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Clever beach sayings

Sometimes words might fall short in describing how life at the seashore is, despite the urge to post a good caption for your Instagram photo. When this happens to you, don't worry any more. Take a look and these clever beach sayings as they contain some of the best ocean quotes for that beach photo you took during summer.

  • Your knowledge can be compared to a little island in a big ocean of lack of knowledge.
  • Each wave kisses the seashore, the sand hugs our feet, and the wind brushes our cheeks.
  • Sometimes when you are feeling low, all you need is to take a break, visit the place you love and get away from everything else. For me, that place is at the seashore.
  • They say that you cannot buy happiness, but you surely can buy ice cream at the seaside, which is pretty much the same.
  • Although all that we are doing feels like a drop in the ocean, the ocean would be less with that drop.
  • There are the great sounds in the world, that of the rain, the whirling wind and the sound of the ocean at the shore.

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  • I hope that one day I will wake up to see that I love on the shore.
  • Long after our footprints on the seashore are gone, our memories will still be intact.
  • If you want to find me, look for me where the music meets the ocean.
  • The waters mark both the beginning and the ending of everything in this world.
  • The roaring of the ocean is like the sound of music in my ears.
  • The ocean tides are the beginning and the end of eternity.
  • I am playing in the sand because this life is nothing but a beach.
  • Life is different at the shore because time does not move by hour. Instead, we live by the currents, make our plans with the tides and follow the rising and setting of the sun.
  • Every seashell in the ocean has a story to narrate.
  • If you want to embrace solitude truly, talk a walk on the empty shore when the sun is setting.
  • You will never cross the Sea unless you gain the courage to lose sight of the shore.
  • The ocean lives in every one of us; it’s the nature of true beauty.
  • Pause, feel the sky and smell the Sea because that is the only way to let your spirit and soul to fly.
  • Life is good with the sand beneath our feet and the sky over our heads.

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After choosing the best summer picture that you took at the shore, you will always want to share it with your friends on social media. It doesn't have to be just a boring picture, but you can accompany it with either of the above fantastic beach sayings.

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