Ministry of Local Government Ghana: Structure, recruitment, minister

Ministry of Local Government Ghana: Structure, recruitment, minister

The Local Government Service is a public institution established under the Ministry of Local Government Ghana. The primary mandate of the service is to ensure smooth service delivery by the government. It also aims at providing proper organization and governance of the decentralized local governments in Ghana.

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Who is the current Minister of Local Government in Ghana? Well, it is headed by none other than Dr. Nana Ato Arthur. Under the motto of the body, it states that the main goal is to ensure that the citizen receives value for money in the aids the citizenry receives. As always, the administration needs checks and balances that ensure there are equality as well as growth across the expansive republic of Ghana. In that regard, the ministry of native administration comes into play as the body that oversees all aids offered to Ghanaian.

Contact details

Office of the Head of Local Government Service

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P.O. Box MB 396, Ministries -Accra

Tel: 0302-677929

Fax: 0302-662799


Location: OHLGS is adjacent Afua Sutherland Children’s Park, Gamel Abdul Nasser Road

Local government structure of Ghana

What is the local government structure in Ghana? The local administration, Ghana, is made up of structures and bodies that work together to offer a common purpose. The Minister of Local Government Ghana heads it, and below him is the local administration service council. Others include the head of service, chief executive, and seven other bodies below them.

Under the chief executive are seven other executives leading seven units, which are, policy planning and budgeting, management and human resources management, human resource development, financial management, statistics and information management, and finally executive and general assistance.

The mains structure of the body is:

  1. The Local Government Service Council
  2. The Head of Service
  3. The Chief Director

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  • Policy Planning, Budgeting, and Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (PPBMED)
  • Management and Technical Service Directorate (MTSD)
  • Human Resource Management Directorate (HRMD)
  • Human Resource Development Directorate (HRDD)
  • Financial Management Directorate (FMD)
  • Statistics, and Information Management Directorate (RSIMD)
  • Administration and General Services Directorate (AGSD)

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The roles include:

Policy and planning directorate

The executive in charge is responsible for policy formulation, planning, budget preparation, and other aids. The person in charge of this body reports to the chief executive on all matters under the directorate.

Management and technical services directorate

Oversees all matters on performance management, professional aids, organizational development, and quality assurance. In addition to these aids, the directorate also executes all roles given to them by the chief executive.

Human resources management directorate

Oversees all matters H.R. planning, recruitment and selection, and salary administration. Besides, the executive also undertakes all roles assigned to them, including local government Ghana vacancies management by the chief executive.

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Human resource development director

Oversees all matters around the training of staff in the council, such ministry of local government Ghana recruitment, career development of staff, and performance management of the committee.

Financial management directorate

Facilitate donor support and undertakes all financial matters within the council. In addition to these roles, the executive also oversees all functions assigned to them by the chief director.

Research statistics and information management directorate: performs all roles assigned by the chief director in addition to research and statistics, information management, library documentation, and IPPD. Administration and general aids directorate: performs all roles on civic governance, conveyance, procurement, storage, recording, estates, and security.

Local government service recruitment

Recruitment is one of the roles under the Ministry of Local Administration of Ghana. Under this role, the body ensures there are equality and fairness in the distribution of labor. Further, it also ensures that the labor force is able to provide the necessary labor required to enhance efficiency and progress in administrations.

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Apart from ensuring a sufficient supply of labor through recruitment, it also ensures the quality of the labor. For those intending to work with the administrations, then the first step is checking the provisions of the ministry. Second, ensure compliance by adhering to the terms and conditions as stipulated under the ministry website.

The head of administration aids in; ensuring efficient management, and organization of the service on a day to day operation. Besides, he also gives leadership advise on the most-productive and efficient performance of the local government, Ghana.

The following are the roles in accordance with the government Act 2016:

  • Head of the Office of the Head of the Local Government Service and other responsibilities assigned by the council.
  • Responsible for the efficient management and organization of the service.
  • Assign the various roles of the work place to an officer in charge of that particular service
  • Ensure the organization and proper development of effective training programs consistent with the sectorial necessities of the service.
  • Institute vital structures of inter-service and sectoral collaboration and co-operation between the service providers and other civic aids to harmonize programs and avoid repetition.
  • Head of the Local Government Service is the Secretary to the Council

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To find out the duties and responsibilities of the local administration, visit the Ministry of Local Government Ghana website.


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Just like any other ministry in the administration of Ghana, the Ministry of Local Government is also led by the minister. The individual holding this position is Dr. Nana Ato Arthur.

The Ministry of Local Government Ghana ensures all services are offered effectively as per the Act of Constitution in 2016 and is headed by the Minister of Local Government. This ensures smooth running of the country.

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