New technology set to help train cars move through winter on their own

New technology set to help train cars move through winter on their own

- A startup known as Scale AI has introduced a new system to enhance visibility whenever snow falls

- The data that drives the technology is composed of 56,000 conditioned images created by the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto

- Levels of traffic, as well as other factors, were taken into consideration in the selection of the routes captured by the software

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Poor visibility as a result of falling snow has been identified as one of the main factors of obstructed vision during winter in some countries.

It has been established that snow covers cameras that aid cars with regard to self-awareness.

It also deceives sensors into seeing obstacles that are not present and hides road signs and other structures that often serve as navigational landmarks.

New technology set to help train cars move through winter weather on their own
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In a bid to facilitate the movement of vehicles during winter, a startup known as Scale AI has open-sourced a data set known as Canadian Adverse Driving Conditions (CADC).

The data set contains over 56,000 images in conditioning including snow created by the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto, reports.

Scale AI has announced that the CADC is the first to focus specifically on “real-world” driving in snowy weather.

The company added that the road networks captured in the CADC were selected based on levels of traffic as well as other factors.

In other news, some Tesla employees have opened up about six features of cars produced that buyers may be ignorant of.

The workers revealed that Tesla cars have unique features in terms of production quality, regenerative braking, and durability.

Those interviewed, numbering five, who are both present and former workers, opened up to Business Insider.

According to them, one cardinal feature present in Tesla cars is durability. A former salesperson stated that "Teslas are made to last a long time."

Another characteristic of Tesla cars is their ability to teach users about how to use the car. A current salesperson noted that there are tutorials available to educate users.

Again, Tesla’s website has accurate information to assist a potential user conduct research before they take delivery of the car.

A fourth advantage has to do with the delivery timelines on Tesla’s website. A former salesperson revealed that Tesla’s cars are always ready whenever the company says they will be ready.

There is an urgent need to turn off regenerative braking once a week, a former service manager revealed.

The reason, it is believed, is because using the brakes cleans them and extends their longevity. Finally, a former salesperson has stated that the fit and finish and the quality of the materials in a Tesla vehicle aren't always great.

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