Ghanaians finally give satisfying answers to why girls love to date bad guys

Ghanaians finally give satisfying answers to why girls love to date bad guys

- asked the general public why good girls preferred bad guys in relationships

- Ghanaians reacted wildly to the post, giving very compelling reasons why girls choose to do so

- Some of the satisfying answers have been compiled

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It is common knowledge that many good and 'holy' girls often fall in love with some of the most radical gangsters or womanizers out there.

There may not be enough survey statistics to prove the assertion but it is an open secret that everyone seems to know.

Not long ago, decided to find out how true the claim is and what the reasons may be for good girls wanting to date bad guys.

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The findings as narrated by Ghanaians was simply breathtaking. Some of the compelling opinions have been gathered below:

1. Hilson Zack Slim made it clear that the bad ones go every length to please the women but the good ones choose to be themselves, which is the problem. His words were:

The thing is, bad guys present themselves as though they're the very best thing to have ever happened to lady and the good guys just wanna be themselves in their raw or natural state. Who then wouldn't want to go for the appealing thing than that of the just being myself thing?

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2. According to Dhe Lha Lhi, the people who are labelled as 'bad' are not actually bad. They are simply very confident, and that quality makes them loved by women.

We have Alpha males and the beta males. Alpha males have confidence unlike the beta males. In this modern world confidence is labeled as arrogance or bad boy. Women are naturally attracted to confident men.

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3. Bright Kwame Parlino explained the observation with a touch of humour, giving detailed reasons why it is so.

Bad boys spend carelessly but good boys spends with budget ....bad boys are easy to go with,anytime, but good boys requires discipline, patience and seeing a bright future ahead but these our girls... They are just not correct

4. Jen God'sreal also explained with tangible reasons, saying:

Bad guys are full of Lies which melts the heart and good guys are full of Truth that breaks the heart

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5. Abban Amoah Clinton decided to take it from the angle of fashion. His words were,

When a lady says they like bad guys is not that they like guys who are bad. I mean very bad! A lady's bad is defined in fashion! They want a bad guy in fashion and style. They very creative and outgoing but the good guys like myself. I admit we are too serious

6. Chris Kudjo explains that it is not as though the ladies intentionally choose the bad buys over the good ones. These were his words:

They don't know those guys are bad cos they get goodies and lies from them. They fall in love ones they see money. The become blind to true love.

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In other news, a beautiful young lady's boyfriend has given her the surprise of her life as her man decided to make a money-stacked birthday cake for her.

In a viral video sighted by on social media, the young lady was at a birthday party with some of her friends.

Projecting from the cake was a large ring which appeared to bear the tag 'happy birthday'.

When it was time to eat the cake, she had to take out the ring. That was when her eyes started to pop as the ring was attached to a long chain of money.

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