Meet 11-year-old talented salonist who braids hair better than any trained hairstylist

Meet 11-year-old talented salonist who braids hair better than any trained hairstylist

- Jayonnah and Aiyonnah started plaiting hair while they were still toddlers

- Instead of playing, they watched their mum braiding her customer's and practised her techniques on dolls

- The two then started serving clients after mastering the art at a young age

- The duo became famous after a video of their talent made rounds on social media

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As other kids are outside playing and having the time of their lives, a little angel named Jayonnah chooses to secure her bag.

While scrolling through the internet, we ran into an adorable video of the sweet angel putting in the work like a grown woman.

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A Twitter user by the name honeybunhead decided to show the world a video of the 11-year-old braiding a fellow youngster’s hair.

She was at work and she was serious about her hustle!

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Like any serious stylist, the pretty little lady slowly parted her customer’s hair bit by bit and reached out for the braids placed to her left.

Then she proceeded to twist the hair with amazing precision and the outcome was totally mind-blowing.

Jayonnah’s customer’s hair looked neat and one would immediately think it was done by a professional hairdresser.

Netizens could not believe their eyes and dubbed the princess as a role model.

They could not wrap their heads around how talented the hairdresser was and how young she looked.

A tweep suggested the little girl should open a savings account and charge for her services because her skills were not easy to come by.

Completely curious, we scoured the internet and finally found the beauty’s Instagram page.

Jayonnah’s 10-year-old sister Aiyonnah also loves braiding and she is just as talented as the skilled hairdresser.

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The two take after their mum who prides herself in plaiting the meanest braids and cornrows.

Already, the super duo has a portfolio that would put any adult to shame.

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A sneak peek of their account shows how dedicated they are to their work and funnily, the two have been at it for years!

They live in Southern California, US and started braiding when they were toddlers.

According to the tots’ mum, the two always observed her braiding and soon mastered the technique without breaking a sweat.

They practised on dolls and graduated to humans soon after.

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