Fresh details show how Artificial Intelligence is helping fight coronavirus

Fresh details show how Artificial Intelligence is helping fight coronavirus

- Some countries have adopted the use of Artificial Intelligence to deal with the effects of the coronavirus

- The coronavirus has led to the worst recorded week on the stock market since 2008

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The coronavirus continues to infect people on a daily basis and claim lives in the process.

The outbreak has stalled a number of activities all over the world due to fear of contact with infected people.

The effect of the virus has caused the Federal Reserve of the United States of America (USA) to cut interest rates in half after the worst recorded week of the stock market since 2008.

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However, details coming in suggest that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could play a role in eliminating the coronavirus canker for good, has reported.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), AI and big data would play a big role in combating the virus and save lives.

UVD Robots, a Danish company has reached an agreement with Sunay Healthcare Supply to distribute its robots and spread ultraviolet lights to disinfect rooms in China.

XAG Robot has also deployed disinfectant-spraying robots and drones in the Chinese province of Guangzhou.

A hospital in Singapore is also detecting the coronavirus with the help of cameras which have been equipped with thermal sensors.

Baidu, a Chinese tech company, has also developed an AI system to predict temperature with the help of an infrared sensor.

A month ago, Shenzen MicroMultiCopter, revealed that it has deployed over 100 drones to help with spraying disinfectants and patrol of public places.

In other news, DSTV Ghana has released details of new prices at which they would offer their packages for sale from Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

The change in prices also affects their packages on GOTv as well, has learned. Details available show that the Access package, which was initially available for GHC40 per month, would now sell for GHC45.

The Family package, initially given out at GHC75 would go for GHC80 and the Compact package would be increased from GHC140 to GHC150.

Compact Plus would sell for GHC230 from GHC210 and the Premium Package would be available for GHC360 instead of GHC340.

For the GOTv packages, the Value package would sell at GHC25 instead of GHC20 and the Plus package would go for GHC45 instead of GHC40.

The Max package would go for GHC70 instead of GHC65 and the Lite Monthly package would sell at GHC15 instead of GHC10.

The Lite Quarterly package would be offered for sale at GHC35 instead of GHC25 and the Live Annual package would go for GHC80 instead of GHC60.

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