Scientists claim a stronger strain of coronavirus is spreading all over the world

Scientists claim a stronger strain of coronavirus is spreading all over the world

- Scientists have revealed that two strains of the coronavirus named L and S have been discovered

- Over 100 samples of the strains were studied by researchers and it was concluded that the L strain is more common

- The research findings have however been countered by a British scientist, Dr. Stephen Grffin

Our Manifesto: This is what believes in has learned that there are two strains of the coronavirus and 70% of those infected have the more aggressive type.

The strains have been named L and S and a study of 103 samples studied by researchers from Beijing and Shanghai revealed the L strain was more common and more aggressive.

The L strain however became less common since the beginning of January 2020.

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Per a report by, over 94,000 people have so far been infected and 3,200 have lost their lives, while 50,000 people have since recovered from the infection.

The latest form the virus takes has fueled suspicions that there is a likelihood of re-infection.

Medical experts have meanwhile warned that there is a possibility of carrying the milder strain without realizing there is an infection.

However, a British scientist, Dr. Stephen Grffin, has argued that it is too early to conclude that claim the virus could split into two was legitimate.

In his opinion, “it is usually the case that when RNA viruses first cross-species barriers into humans they aren’t particularly well adapted to their new host (us!).

Thus, they usually undergo some changes allowing them to adapt and become better able to replicate within, and spread from human to human.

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However, as this study hasn’t tested the relative "fitness" of these viruses when they replicate in human cells or an animal model, it isn’t really possible to say whether this is what’s happened to SARS-CoV2.”

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