Jiji gives advice: how to sell online and don’t screw up
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Jiji gives advice: how to sell online and don’t screw up

Almost 50% of all shopping is made online. People have finally understood how much time and effort they spend to buy some goods at a brick-and-mortar store.

What does it mean for merchants? They need to rethink their business to scale it.

And who can know more about e-commerce than a pan-African online marketplace like Jiji? So here is what you can do for your business right now!

Choose a digital platform

The greatest advantage of doing business online is that you can get an unlimited amount of your target audience. The problem is to find out where it spends its time and what are their buying habits.

A youth chooses Instagram and TikTok, young adults prefer Facebook, and some buy exclusively on official websites. But it doesn’t mean you can’t gather them all in one place. Jiji is the biggest free online classified with an advanced security system that allows people to sell and buy goods and services.

Running a business on Jiji is a piece of cake! All you need to do is

Go to Jiji and press SELL button

Jiji gives advice: how to sell online and don’t screw up

Register on the platform by using your email or phone number

Jiji gives advice: how to sell online and don’t screw up

Create an advert for the goods you sell. Add some photos of the goods and their description. Choose a proper category, determine a price, select attributes

Jiji gives advice: how to sell online and don’t screw up

Press the button POST AD

Jiji gives advice: how to sell online and don’t screw up

What to do after that? Stay cool and wait for messages and calls from potential buyers.

Don’t skimp on online ad

After going digital, you can face the problem that nobody still knows about your product or services although you patiently publish new posts. The reason is that you’re not alone in this sea.

The affordable way for beginners to play on equal terms with bigger fish is using online promotion. Thank god, nowadays it’s possible almost at every corner of the Internet. You should choose it based on the basic knowledge about your target audience and a method of trial and error.

Facebook, Instagram, Google are proven platforms, each with its own specifics. Tiktok is an unbeaten track that gains more and more traction but also needs an outstanding approach from a merchant.

Mind your content

If you notice that despite all your effort and money invested in advertising, your phone isn’t ringing off the hook, it means you do something wrong. In most cases, it is content, in other words, the quality of images and texts you publish on your landing page (website, social media pages, or ad on Jiji).

Make sure that your photos are of great quality and demonstrate every advantage of your goods. Also, don’t forget to rewrite the description of goods. It should contain all the important details about this certain item and match with attached photos.

Stop driving up the prices

Prices are the greatest reason to buy or not to buy some goods. It can be full of benefits, but still, be non-demanded. What you can do right now is to compare prices for similar products on the market, decide whether your product can compete with them, and then give it a fair affordable price.

On Jiji, another way to boost sales is to create more than one ad for your goods to increase the chances to be seen by potential customers. In conjunction with paid promotion, it can work for your business well enough.

These four pieces of advice are basic steps to digital marketing and may seem too obvious to experienced gurus of e-commerce. Nevertheless, they are essential and if ignored can cost you a lot. Hurry up and check up your brand’s Jiji account, on all these points!

Source: Yen Newspaper

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