Coronavirus: 11 ways to deal with boredom while in COVID-19 self-quarantine

Coronavirus: 11 ways to deal with boredom while in COVID-19 self-quarantine

The Coronavirus disease pandemic is still here with us and from every indication, COVID-19, as it is simply known, will not be going away very soon.

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Within two weeks of recording its first two cases, Ghana's case count has risen to 52 as of the morning of Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

Of all the advice from health experts to help stop the virus from spreading and bring the pandemic under control, two have been the most important.

That is staying away from the public (self-quarantine) and frequent washing of hands to kill the virus even if we pick it by mistake.

On self-quarantine, it is quite difficult especially for those who are not used to staying indoors as they get bored after a few hours indoors.

123Mkv: Download HD full movies for free in 2020 has put together 11 suggestions of some of the things one can do to while away time when observing self-quarantine.

1. Watch movies/video clips:

Watching movies and/or music videos, whether being shown by a television station or by yourself, has been an age-long way of keeping one's self indoors.

And it is still relevant, if not more relevant in these days of Coronavirus. Just grab your remote or computer mouse and watch all the movies and TV series you have not had time for.

2. Complete a puzzle:

Whenever you are inside the house and you are bored, solving a puzzle is a sure way of entertaining yourself. Whether it is a Crossword puzzle or Rubik's Cube, you are surely going to be occupied for some time.

3. Learn new skills in the kitchen:

While having time on your hands, you can always try the new recipe and perfect your cooking skills or even learn new ways of making food like baking.

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4. Organise your house/rooms:

There is a way everybody pictures how things in their house should be arranged. But due to time constraints, we do not get to organise our houses and/or rooms as we want.

While in self-quarantine, you can use the time to do these things.

5. Declutter:

We all have unwanted items, especially clothes, that we have no use for. This may be the best time to pack all those times and keep somewhere so you can give out when the Coronavirus scare goes away.

For clothes, the interesting thing is that you can try them all out to find which ones still look good on you and decide whether to dash them or not.

6. Have time for your body (skin and face):

For those who are adept at self-grooming but have not had the time for it, this may be the time to work on your skin, face, nails, hair and other stuff like that.

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7. Learn music/an instrument:

In our boredom, we can while away the time by learning how to sing our favourite songs. Maybe you like Sarkodie's Ofeetso, Stonebwoy's Sobolo, or Shatta Wale's Bojor but you cannot sing it because you do not know the lyrics. This is the best time to check the lyrics online, play the song and sing along.

For those who own musical instruments and have not been practising, this is also your way to learn new rhythms and while away time.

8. Start a blog/book:

This basically goes to those who love writing but anybody wanting to live through the self-quarantine without getting bored can also try their hands on it.

You can start a blog to write about interests (Google's could host the site free for you). But for those who are not too internet savvy, you can put your ideas down on paper and later convert it into a book.

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9. Learn a language:

Learning a language is not one of the things you can easily make time for but this may be the time.

You can download language learning apps like Duolingo and LinguaLift to learn the basics of international languages like French, Spanish, German, among others.

10. Reflection/Taking stock:

You may set some personal goals which you might not have met. Being in self-quarantine is a good opportunity to reflect on it or even take stock of your life.

11. Sleep:

After doing some of these things you might be exhausted and you will need to sleep. Sleep, they say, is the best form of rest and as rest is key to getting your immune system kicking, you need to have a lot of it.

By sleeping well, you will be fighting COVID-19 on two fronts. That is by staying away and reducing your risk of infection or building your immune system to match the disease if it mistakenly comes.

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