COVID-19 fight: Pregnancy, 4 other things to expect after the lockdown

COVID-19 fight: Pregnancy, 4 other things to expect after the lockdown

In a bid to curtail the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus otherwise known as the COVID-19, individuals have been advised to stay at home.

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President Akufo-Addo having identified certain hotspots in the country announced a partial lockdown for these identified areas. believes that this directive from the president and the stay at home calls by various stakeholders is definitely a means to an end.

Below are a list of expected outcomes after the COVID-19 scare.

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1. Pregnancy

Most people are of the view that since most married and unmarried people would be staying hime during these trying moments, the only thing that they would do is to find solace in the arms of each other. Finding solace in the arms of a loved one is definitely a means to an end. Social media has gone agog about how maternity wards and antenatal units would be full to capacity after this global occurence.

2. Weight Gain

Being at home with nothing to do and hardly moving around, one is definitely expected to gain a lot of weight. While at home, the urge to eat and binge on anything edible is a sure means to gaining more pounds.

3. More united Family

It is said that a family that stays together, grows together, prays together and does everything together. In these trying times, most children who hardly used to see their parents around even on weekends would now have the chance to spend more time with them. Parents on the other hand will get to know their children better and know what actually interest them.

4. Sexier body

To the weight watchers and fit-fam, this is just an opportunity to try new workout routines. Since people within this group mostly hit the gym to get in shape, this presents a perfect opportunity to do some simple home work outs to improve the looks or tone their bodies as well.

5. New skill

To those who boredom would want to take a better part of their time while at home, they end up trying their hands on something new like stitching, beading braiding or trying new recipes.

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Meanwhile, the Disease Surveillance Department of the Ghana Health Service has confirmed that Ghana’s coronavirus cases have jumped to 141 from 137 with a total of 5 deaths.

According to the information gathered by on the department’s website, as of 14:00 hours on the 28th March 2020, a total of 2,519 persons have been tested for COVID-19 in Ghana.

It added that among the tested, 1,276 (50.7%) were persons under mandatory quarantine with 1,243 (49.3%) from routine surveillance activities, and among all 2,519 persons tested, one hundred and forty-one (141) tested positive representing 5.6%.

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