COVID-19: Chinese scientists find 'effective antibodies' against virus

COVID-19: Chinese scientists find 'effective antibodies' against virus

- Chinese scientists have reportedly isolated antibodies that are 'extremely effective' when it comes to treating or preventing the coronavirus

- While there is currently no proven treatment for the virus, the team has hope for their findings

- One scientist said that the antibodies could be a more effective approach when it comes to treatment

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A team of Chinese scientists from Tshinghua University in Beijing has found an 'extremely effective' treatment for the coronavirus.

Numerous antibodies have been isolated, with the team claiming they have the ability to prevent the virus entering cells.

Zhang Linqi, one of the scientists, explained that a drug made with the antibodies could be more effective than the current approaches used.

The team had begun analysing antibodies taken from recovered patients back in January and have isolated over 200 antibodies with a 'strong' ability to bind with the virus.

Speaking to Reuters, Zhang revealed that they had conducted a test to see if the virus could be prevented from entering cells.

Out of the 20 antibodies tested, four were noted as 'exceedingly good' at achieving this desired result.

If everything goes according to plan, developers would go on to mass-produce these antibodies for testing.

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The team has partnered with Brii Biosciences in a bid to push forward numerous intervention possibilities.

Zhang highlighted the importance of antibodies, explaining that they have long been proven effective in the world of medicine.

Antibodies have been successfully used to treat cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases, gathered.

Hong Kong University expert Ben Cowling commented that, while the road ahead remains a long one, this development is undeniably exciting

"There's a number of steps which will now need to be followed before it could be used as a treatment for coronavirus patients. But it's really exciting to find these potential treatments, and then have a chance to test them out. Because if we can find more candidates, then eventually we'll have better treatment."

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