How to create a good dating profile online

How to create a good dating profile online

Creating an impressive online dating profile is challenging than many people might think. If you are new to online dating, there is no big secret to success with your profile. While a good photo and a statement about your career might help, your dating profile provides an authentic perceptiveness into your personality, including your mindset and your most essential values.

How to create a good dating profile online
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Many people find it difficult to figure out what to write about themselves or what picture to use when getting started with online dating. If you are a man, you need a simple biographical sketch that women will find irresistible. Your dating profile can either make or break your online dating activities. If you get it wrong, you will fail to get the ideal woman. You will remain online for longer without getting even a single message in your inbox. So, how do you create a good dating profile?

Tips for creating a dating profile that will win you a date

To create a good dating profile, here is how to get started.

1. Choose an attractive photo

In online dating, first impressions matter. While you can upload as many dating profile pictures as possible, you need one that stands out from the rest. You need a photo that shows yourself smiling and makes you attractive.

The picture should have some colour, and you should be standing near or behind a colourful background. Understand that the type of image you choose will give your potential suitors ideas about you and the type of lifestyle you live. Avoid blurry, pixelated, and poorly lit photos

2. Choose a descriptive username

Traditionally, people used to choose usernames that hid their identities. Things have changed today, and username like Akwasi_91 are no longer attractive. If you are a man, your username should showcase your interests, lifestyle, and intelligence.

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For example, AkwasiTheTraveller describes your interests and lifestyle, and any fine lady will remember it. But as a rule of thumb, make your username clear, attractive, creative, and easy to remember.

3. Write an interesting profile

A stunning photo and an attractive name are crucial to your online dating success. But to win over a potential suitor, you need a well-written and interesting profile or bio. What you write will let others know you and what you are all about. In some cases, what is in your bio can be an excellent conversation starter.

How to create a good dating profile online
Source: UGC

Before you begin to write your profile, ensure to make it short. Take your time writing more about what you love, how you live your life, the type of relationship you seek, and what makes you tick. Include all these in simple paragraphs describe yourself. Remember the following dating profile advice:

  • Begin the profile by describing your character traits. Make them positive and identify the outstanding ones.
  • Select at least four adjectives that best describe you. Creative, intelligent, confident, humorous, affectionate, honest, outgoing, etc. are some examples to consider.
  • You can include the type of job you do. Also, tell people why you love your job.
  • Are you a passionate person? Are there things you care about in the world? Do you love to help others? Include them in your short bio.

Ensure your profile is unique and honest. Also, use the best grammar since small details matter.

Online dating profile red flags that you should avoid

The following are some online dating profile red flags to avoid.

1. Do not be too specific about the type of person you want

The person you want to date is on that platform for different reasons. She may be looking for true love, a companion, a one-nighter, or even a friend. If you make your profile too specific, you are limiting your chances of getting the right person.

Avoid mentioning things like a specific hobby, body type, interests, and level of education. When you are too specific, you appear choosy, inflexible, and trivial. For example, instead of saying you need a person with a curvy body, state that you need someone beautiful whom you will be complementing every day.

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2. Do not include one picture only

When people see that you only have one photo, they will think that you are hiding something about your looks, probably your weight or age. It also tells the other person that you are not serious about online dating. More pictures say you are devoting your time to finding the right person.

3. Do not describe yourself as trustworthy or loyal

Trust and loyalty are things you cannot reassure a person, especially when dating online. When you describe yourself as such, it signals an impossibility. While there is nothing wrong with being trustworthy or loyal, a potential suitor will be cautious about you.

4. Avoid negative words

One of the best dating profile tips is to avoid using negative words. These include statements like don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, etc. For example, I don’t like politics. I cannot deal with a person from this tribe. Such words only show you care more about yourself.

How to create a good dating profile online
Source: UGC

Online dating profile examples to attract females

So, how do you write an effective dating profile that can attract a fine lady? Here is a more detailed example to consider.

Imagine crossing the 1,150 feet Canopy Walkway at the Kakum National Park suspended 100 feet above the ground, bird watching, and taking in flora and fauna of the park. What about riding the waves of Kokrobite beaches with your favourite person. I love going to Kumasi on the weekends to experience the culture and the unique dance performances of the Ashanti. If we go at it, I will tell you how I danced to the tunes of Sikyi.

From Monday to Friday, I am an accounting manager. It is a job I love because it makes me open-minded and careful with the numbers. The best part of the job is to meet payroll for the staff during payday.

Keeping fit and healthy are two crucial things for me. Although my locality does not have a gym, I go for a walk after a long day at work. Sometimes I jog for a few minutes and finish it off with a few rounds of workouts at home. I am cautious of what I eat even with friends around.

I am looking for an attractive, intelligent, kind, and loving woman. You do not have to be perfect to be attracted to me. You have to be a fun person that is willing to go out there and explore the world. If that is you, inbox me and let’s chat.

While the above online dating profile template is more detailed, you can make it short as below:

  • Weekends - Exploring what culture has to offer in the beautiful lands of Ghana
  • Nature walking, Beach walking, Bird Watching – These are my simple activities when am free
  • Accounting – That is the job I love
  • Walking, Jogging, Working Out, Eating Right – I must keep fit and healthy, you know
  • Attractive, Intelligent, Kind, Loving, Fun, Explorer – She is the type of person am looking for

When creating your online dating profile, present yourself as an attractive person. If the dating platform requires you to write a bio, do not leave the space blank. Instead, write a short, detailed, and funny profile that will make a person want to read it through. Also, include a picture of yourself on the profile and upload at least seven of them for others to take you seriously.

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