Coronavirus: 7 amazing healthcare workers who are on the frontlines

Coronavirus: 7 amazing healthcare workers who are on the frontlines

South Africa is currently battling the spread of the novel coronavirus and many healthcare workers are putting their lives at risk to save other people.

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Around the world, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line to help save those who become infected with Covid-19.

South African healthcare workers are amongst those unsung heroes who deserved to be lauded for the sacrifices they make to help the country fight the pandemic.

W24's Ntsoaki Mokete listed seven inspiring women who are working on the frontlines in the fight against the coronavirus and we took a look at who they are.

1. Clarice Chrystal Geduld

Clarice Geduld studied Bachelor of Science (Microbiology and Bio Chemistry) at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

The 32-year-old now works as a locum pharmacist and she is a full-time medical student. Geduld said the coronavirus outbreak increased the sale of flu medicine but added that there were fewer people coming to the pharmacy.

She was quoted saying:

"As a result, the trading hours were lessened and there are less shifts available for locums. My weekend shifts were cancelled until further notice.”

Geduld and her co-workers face a risk of contracting the virus each day because they do not have enough personal protective equipment (PPE).

However, the pharmacy she works at Covid-19 protective screens at each computer, as well as giving workers face masks.

She said she learned not to take anything for granted and plans on hugging her family longer after the lockdown is over.

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2. Ijeoma Chinonyerem Adams

Ijeoma Chinonyerem Adams is a 23-year-old pharmacist who has made it her mission to educate South Africans on social distancing.

She noted that although the country is on lockdown, people are still moving around and should practice the proper measures given to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Chinonyerem chooses to stay positive during these difficult times and she was quoted saying:

"Something positive I’d take out of this would be the growth that I’m experiencing, away from the buzzing life of a social space. People are cultivating new habits and a lot of self-discovery is being made.”

She added that Mzansi has united since the coronavirus was first reported in the country, adding that race, culture, and background no longer matter because we're all fighting the same battle.

3. Morenike Adelaja

Morenike Adelaja is a stunning 24-year-old pharmacist who has relied on prayer, music and dancing to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

She advised other South Africans to pray, or if they are not religious, meditate. Adelaja also urged Saffas to follow the social distancing guidelines and practice proper personal hygiene.

Coronavirus: 7 Amazing SA healthcare workers who are on the frontlines
Morenike Adelaja is pharmacist. Photo credit: W24.
Source: UGC

4. Ntombizodowa Thula

Ntombizodowa Thula is an occupational health nurse. The 60-year-old revealed her workload became a lot heavier since the lockdown was imposed by President Cyril Ramaphosa last week.

She was quoted saying:

“We had to develop new standard operating procedures and conduct virtual meetings that required quick technological adjustments."

Because she's at risk of contracting the virus and then infecting her family, Thula revealed they have taken extra precautions to stay healthy.

She said:

“We stay home after work, taking immune boosters and staying positive by reading uplifting Bible scriptures.”

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Coronavirus: 7 Amazing SA healthcare workers who are on the frontlines
Occupational health nurse, Ntombizodowa Thula. Photo credit: W24.
Source: UGC

5. Goloka Mabusela

Goloka Mabusela is a community service professional nurse in the theatre department, meaning she works in the operating theatres.

Her job put her at risk of contracting Covid-19, especially since anesthetics methods require intubation - which is the process of inserting a tube through the mouth and then into the airway.

To protect her family, Mabusela disinfects herself before going into her house. However, despite the risks and challenges that accompany her job, Mabusela focusses on the positive.

She said since the outbreak, people are starting to look after themselves and people have been educated on cough etiquette and proper personal hygiene - which would help Saffas a lot even after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus: 7 Amazing SA healthcare workers who are on the frontlines
Goloka Mabusela, a community service professional nurse. Photo credit: W24.
Source: UGC

6. Olebogeng Masemola

Olebogeng Masemola is a professional nurse who works in the emergency unit. The 24-year-old opened up about the challenges of looking after patients while trying to protect her physically and emotionally.

She said she constantly reminds herself that what she does is important and she's "serving a greater need for a greater purpose".

Because of the risks of her job, Masemola self-isolates. Mokete reported the professional nurse would separate her laundry from her family's and she has taken extra precautions to boost her immune system.

Aside from taking calcium supplements, Masemola also ensures she follows a healthy diet and drinks enough water.

Coronavirus: 7 Amazing SA healthcare workers who are on the frontlines
Professional nurse Olebogeng Masemola. Photo credit: W24.
Source: UGC

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7. Sarbatini Mokobokoa

Sarbatini Mokobokoa is a healthcare professional who works with people that are categorised as "high risk" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mokobokoa is a carer at an old age home. The 25-year-old has started taking vitamins to build up her immune system and she consumes a mixture of honey, lemon, ginger, and garlic at least once a day.

The healthcare worker called on South Africans to abide by the law and follow the guidelines highlighted by President Cyril Ramaphosa and the minister of health.

She was quoted saying:

"Please stay home for those of us who can’t.”
Coronavirus: 7 Amazing SA healthcare workers who are on the frontlines
Sarbatini Mokobokoa cares for the elderly at an old age home. Photo credit: W24.
Source: UGC

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