Family talks with their dad hours before he died of coronavirus

Family talks with their dad hours before he died of coronavirus

- Abby Reinhard lost her dad to COVID-19; she wrote a detailed account of last few anguish-filled days she spent with her father

- He had been admitted for a non-coronavirus-related issue but had become infected in hospital

- She was unable to physically be with her dad and could only talk to him over the phone, he could only listen

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Abby Adair Reinhard shared a heart-wrenching account of the last moments she spent with her father. He had been admitted to hospital for a non-Covid-19 treatment and had gotten infected while recovering.

"My dad just died from Covid-19. Here below is my chronicle of the last two days. Stay safe. Sending love."

He was placed in the quarantine ward and she was unable to be physically with him. The nurses arranged for a phone to be placed next to his ear as he he was unable to talk, but could listen.

The following few days, Abby and her brother Tom Adair and her sister Carrie Boulus recounted all the memories they had of their dad over the phone. The spent nights awake, urging him to breathe and to keep fighting.

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"It feels so good to laugh and cry. To be connected on the phone with you and my brother and sisters. To bring the images of us from earlier years back to life."

Unfortunately, his condition continued to worsen and each ragged breath became more laboured and the intervals between them longer.

It became clear that his condition was terminal. Abby mentally prepared herself for what was to come, the anguish was unbearable, knowing what was to happen and being powerless to stop it.

"Then came the call, just after midnight. I knew what I was going to hear, and braced myself. Gone. You’re gone. Cause of death: “Respiratory failure in the setting of aspiration and Covid-19.” Time of death: 11:50 p.m."

Her story is unbelievably tragic and reminds of our shared humanity and the anguish felt by those who lose their loved ones.

"Dear God,
Thank you for welcoming my dad.
He is such a good soul.
I know we can still continue our conversation. Thank you so much. I love you forever.

Here is her full account:

In another report, former president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, has finally given the real explanation behind his choice to distribute food to the vulnerable himself amid COVID-19 outbreak.

The respected ex-president made the interesting revelation during his address to the nation on policies he would have implemented to curb the global pandemic, on the night of April 23, 2020.

According to John Mahama, his willingness to take the risk of stepping out to personally make donations to the many vulnerable people around the country shows his true leadership character.

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