Throwback photos of when 'sakora' AY Poyoo had hair pop up online

Throwback photos of when 'sakora' AY Poyoo had hair pop up online

- AY Poyoo, has carved a niche for himself with his trademark rap and hairstyle

- He sports a 'sakora' look and often performs barechested which makes people love his style

- However, he used to sport nice haircuts and has seen some photos of him in the past

- AY Poyoo has burst unto the entertainment scene and is cracking ribs with his funny rap lines

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Recent internet sensation, AY Poyoo, who describes himself as the "Face of Ghana Rap" has garnered a lot of positive feedback from Ghanaians and following in just a matter of days.

The rapper and comedian has been able to crack ribs with is rather 'nonfa' rap lines and trademark haircut and fashion choice.

The young rapper is often spotted with a clean shave or 'sakora' as is known in local parlance and also prefers to appear on stage bare-chested with heavy jewelry or with a goat.

His style of rap and fashion choice have been factors that contributed to his rather sudden rise to fame.

Even though AY Poyoo has not officially released any album, he has been interviewed by many media houses after his short comic rap lines went viral on social media

Prior to his rise to fame, AY Poyoo used to grow his hair and also used to to wear clothes to cover his chest. has sighted some photos of the young star of when he was a student and had hair.

Some of the photos of the young star was of when he was in senior high school.

Another photo showed the former stage name of the current internet sensation. earlier reported that AY Poyoo shot to fame within just two weeks of working hard to appear in the limelight.

The rapper who doubles as a comedian released a number of music videos portraying a rural setting in Ghana with rib-cracking lines that were loved by many.

As his videos started to gain traction online, the rapper was invited to popular media houses including Adom TV and GHOne TV, which have added to his fame.

In another report, a video sighted by AY Poyoo delivering some heavy rap bars in a studio caught the attention of many Ghanaians.


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