Pretty lady recounts why she became a prostitute; gives chilling details of street life

Pretty lady recounts why she became a prostitute; gives chilling details of street life

I see them on my way home every day - scantily dressed women standing at strategic parts of the road. Hidden, yet noticeable enough for those who want to patronize them.

They usually congregate in front of this particular ‘nameless hotel’ that serves as a lounge during the day but transforms into a base for call girls at night.

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When the announcement was made by President Muhammadu Buhari that Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun were to be locked down to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many wondered how small businesses would cope.

Now when the term small business is mentioned, you think of your neighborhood supermarket, the electronics shop down the road, and Mama Chinonso that fries Akara at the junction and rightly so.

But prostitutes, using the same ideology are also small businesses. Small individual businesses, but businesses still. It was with this in mind that I sought out one of the ladies of the night to ask one question; how has this lockdown affected their business?

Lagos based prostitutes have lamented the effects of the lockdown on their business.
Why I became a prostitute - Lagos runs girl
Source: UGC

Luckily, I met 22-year-old Blessing *name has been changed to protect her identity* who was willing to answer my questions. Not only did she reveal how they have been coping during the lockdown, she also spoke about how she became a prostitute or runs girl and how much she makes every night.

Excerpts below:

You say you be runs girl with grade, wetin you mean?

Wetin make my own different na say I no be like all those girls wey dey go hustle for hotel. Na street we dey operate. Man go carry you, f**k you, and when he finish, he go pay you. Na so we dey do am.

If person wan start this your work, how dem dey do am?

E simple as ABC. You go baff, wear cloth go stand for road. Anywhere wey you see say girls dey stand, you go follow dem go stand hustle your money. If you mistakenly enter police hand, your name na sorry.

How you take dey do make police no catch you?

Police dey come o. Most of those police don turn to ashawo man because dem fit arrest you, ask for s*x dem go come release you. So we no dey fear police again, na flog be their own. The kind flog wey dem go flog you you go regret wetin carry you come street.

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How much you dey make daily?

If God bless you, you go make money o. I don make like N10,000. I come outside around 8. By 9, I don make N10k. You know say Konji dey hold man well well this period.

In a week how much you dey make?

E depend on how God take bless you. No be every week person dey make money. At times, you fit make between N35K, N40k, N45k. In a month you fit make pass N100k. The issue for there be say as di money dey come, na so e dey go.

You dey proud of dis work?

I no dey proud of di work o, yes, di work dey give money, but I no dey proud of am. If better work come, I go leave am.

Wetin make you start dis work?

Na condition make me start. I go secondary school, but I go like go university. Na the money I dey hustle now. I go like go university. If I see like N400k, I go dey okay.

With this work wey you dey do now, you think say God go fit bless you?

God dey bless o. I know say dis work na sin, but God dey answer our prayers. If God no dey answer our prayer, you know say person go don enter ritualist hand. Na only God dey protect person.

How the lockdown dey affect you?

This lockdown dey affect us o. All di hotel wey we dey hustle no dey open again. Hunger don almost kill us.

You no get savings?

No be say we no get savings o, we no fit spend all the money at once na. If Buhari come now say make everybody dey go their village, you no get money for hand, how you go take go? You go use leg go?

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