Fashionable Agbada styles for men to wear in 2020

Fashionable Agbada styles for men to wear in 2020

Africa is a great continent for many reasons, and one of them is our fantastic culture. This encompasses everything from our music to our hair and even our clothing. One of the types of clothing that is very distinctly African is the agbada. The agbada is an attire that is quite famous in the western region of the continent. Its fame has spread far and wide, and the style is seen on other people who are not even from the region. It is, therefore, conceivable that everyone wants to know what the latest agbada styles for men are.

Fashionable Agbada styles for men to wear in 2020

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Agbada clothing is made up of four pieces, the outer robe (awosoke), the undervest(awotele), a pair of trousers(sokoto), and a hat(fila). The unique name agbada comes from the outer robe as agbada means "voluminous attire." Agbada comes in many forms, and all of them are unique. A good agbada design will make you turn heads wherever you go, especially since it is considered a sign of prestige.

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Latest agbada styles

There are a lot of agbada designs, and it is not easy to choose which one you want to rock to a function. A few good agbada designs could help you spice up your wardrobe. Whatever your reasons are, read on to know precisely which agbada design to get.

1. All black agbada design

All black agbada

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All-black outfits never go out of style and this majestic piece is an outstanding agbada design that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Pair it with some equally elegant loafers, and you are good to go.

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2. Brown short sleeved agbada

Brown agbada

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This agbada with elegant embroidery and details is the best for any formal event. It is a classy, timeless piece that will still be trendy in a few years.

3. Royal blue aso oke with handwoven Yoruba hat

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Aso oke

Image:, @dejiandkola
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This is another elegant piece that you can wear for any formal event and be sure to attract the attention of everyone there.

4. Dull orange agbada with short sleeves

Dull orange agbada

Image:, @luckyenemuoafri
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Orange is not a go-to colour for most men, and the idea of a monochrome orange outfit may seem daunting. If this is how you feel about the colour, then this outfit will change your mind. The colour is subtle enough to pull off at a formal event, and the colour makes it acceptable in casual events also.

5. All white agbada

all white agbada

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It is common knowledge that white agbada styles for men are the best. There are very many all-white agbada designs, but this one is the best. The embroidery adds a touch of style to the cloth and brings the whole outfit together. All-white outfits are a trend all on their own and coupling that with the fashionable agbada design makes it quite remarkable.

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6. Blue and grey agbada

blue and grey agbada

Image:, @dejiandkola
Source: Instagram

This agbada is an excellent piece that bridges the gap between fun and function. It is formal enough for any formal event, and also trendy enough for a fun night out.

7. Maroon agbada with yellow embroidery

Maroon agbada

Image:, @gtx_outfits
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The maroon colour gives the agbada a deep rich look that is the most sought after when picking a design. The yellow embroidery offsets the outfit while keeping it simple. All of this works together to produce a stunning design.

8. Black agbada with patchwork design

Black agbada with patchwork

Image:, @l8chiecouture
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This is one of those trendy agbada styles that you can't believe you never thought of before. The design is quite simple, but the embroidery is done by using patches of the fabric of different colours. The overall effect is a fantastic design that will make you the centre of attention wherever you go.

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9. Grey agbada design with short sleeves

Grey agbada

Image:, @l8chiecouture
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This design is another classic that never goes out of style. The grey colour makes it suitable for any event and allows you to play around with other classy items you can use to complement the outfit.

10. Black and white agbada design

black and white agbada

Image:, @agbadastyles
Source: Instagram

This outfit takes the two most popular colours and blends them seamlessly into one outfit. The agbada is mostly white but has black details in the embroidery. The black embroidery is further set off by the classy black loafers and the black hat.

Agbada designs are the best way to make a statement anywhere you go. The outfits that were reserved for a chosen few are now available to everybody. Also, the notion that agbada is for the older population has been debunked, and these days it is quite common to meet a child wearing agbada. Find the best agbada styles for men to wear in 2020 and pick yours.

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