COVID-19: 7 important guidelines to take before entering your home

COVID-19: 7 important guidelines to take before entering your home

With the steady rise of COVID-19 cases in Ghana, it is understandable to feel anxious or worried anytime you leave the house.

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Taking precautionary measures in these not so normal times has become very necessary in order to keep safe

It is advisable to follow these guidelines for entering your home after going out to keep yourself, family and friends, safe and healthy.

These seven steps should be followed through religiously to prevent catching the coronavirus.

COVID-19: 7 important guidelines to take before entering your home
UNICEF guidelines Source: UGC
Source: UGC

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1. Remove shoes before entering the house

Research has shown that the virus stays of shoes for some time in not dipped in chlorine bathe. It is advisable to remove your shoes before entering the house. This would prevent you from bringing the virus carried on the shoes into the house

2. Do not touch anything

One of the safety protocols outlined by the World Health Organisation is that proper handwashing should be ensured to curtail the spread of the virus. The UNICEF has advised that until hands are thoroughly washed in line with WHO's guidelines, not a single thing should be touched in the house.

3. Masks and gloves should be removed with caution before washing hands

Before entering the house, it is also advisable that the masks and gloves that were worn before entering the house should be removed and disposed off properly and cautiously to prevent catching the virus if any of them had the virus settled on them.

4. Disinfect personal belongings carried around all-day

During the day, we carry our bags, mobile phones, tablets, car keys, as well as purses around. Unknowingly to us, these very personal belongings could carry the virus without our knowledge. Disinfecting these personal items by the close of day is the best thing to do.

5. Put clothes in laundry or sun dry them

It has been advised that in these not so normal times. individuals should try their best not to repeat wearing the same clothes twice. It is advisable to send wash them or better still sun dry them if it has to be worn again.

6. Take a thorough shower

Bathing is really important after a long day outside of your house. A thorough shower or bathe will help scrub off the virus if it had settled on any part of the body

7. Careful wash food items and groceries bought from outside the home

Wash down all the food items and groceries that are brought into the house from outside. Washing it carefully at least help rid it of germ to the virus.

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In other news, the World Health Organization has made it a point to always educate individuals on the right things to do to avoid the contraction of the virus which has so far killed over 400,000 people globally.

WHO released new guidance for mass gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic, recommending a number of possible changes to large events — once they’re allowed to take place.

From the recommendations, holding gatherings outdoors, limiting attendance to healthy people and staggering arrivals could all help limit the spread of the virus, according to the guidance.

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