Sarkodie - Brown Paper Bag ft. M.anifest: Meaning, video, fan reactions

Sarkodie - Brown Paper Bag ft. M.anifest: Meaning, video, fan reactions

Finally, the long wait is over. The latest song by Sarkodie Brown Paper Bag ft. M.anifest is out, and it is worth your time. The lyrics, beats and video are nothing short of the best.

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Once again, the heavyweight and multiple award-winning artists Sarkodie has stolen the hearts of his loyal fans by giving them one of the best jams dubbed Brown Paper Bag featuring the super-talented rapper M.anifest. Here is everything you need to know about this hit.

Brown paper bag song description

  • Released: 18th June 2020
  • Format: Video, audio
  • Length: 5 minutes 24 seconds
  • Genre: Hip-hop
  • Artists: Sarkodie, M.anifest
  • Producer: Nova
  • Label: Sarkcess Music

M.anifest and Sarkodie - Brown paper bag lyrical meaning

Sarkodie's latest song, which was released on 18th June explores the different actions of Africans, African-Americans and their leadership. The hit outlines the three main reasons why blacks are facing systematic racism.

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The message of the song has been directed to the leaders, politicians and lawmakers since they are the country's decision-makers. It is urging them to stop selling the country out for small paper bags.

Brown Paper Bag symbolizes money exchange as it narrates how Africans are short-changed while dealing with the western countries.

Some of the notable phrases in the song include:

  • We can see between the lines, but we still can't read.
  • Pure black children but now we bearing some white names.
  • Free, is finally when you breaking out from a spell.
  • The destruction of a man begins in the home so when they break up the home, they take over the throne.

Sarkodie and M.anifest Brown paper bag reaction from fans

Sarkodie’s latest song has been acknowledged by fans across the world. The jam has been viewed in large numbers on YouTube and fans seem not to shy away from expressing how they feel about the track. Sarkodie and M.anifest song has won the hearts of many people as seen in the positive feedback on the different social media platforms.

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Here are some comments and reviews:


Sometimes because of our favourite, we try to choose one and denigrate the other but deep within our hearts we know they are all dope. I'm for Godmc, but I won't deny the fact that Sark is also great. Two legends. Let's support both, said Abbey.
This is the time for we the Africans to Wake Up, Unite and Take Over what belongs to us. Black Power, said Day Wan.
After watching this without a deep breath is impossible, freedom on the way said Kwasi.
This song won't be on just billboard but will trend for a lifetime and influence the youth, said Emmanuel.

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Reactions from Twitter

Manifest and Sark IG live conversation was really lit. I really enjoyed myself. When mature minds meet, they educate the people. Bless up. Still streaming, said Angelo.

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We do have a choice, but we still aren't free, said Ma.Wu.Li.
Two of Ghana's hip-hop heavyweights on one track is the content I signed up for. The content, the timing, said Binti Ya Jua
Sarkodie and Manifest really said a lot in brown paper bag all we need to do as fans is keep on streaming and spread the messages across the world till they hear it, said Osu.

Reactions from Instagram

Divide and conquer, that has been the oppressor's rule for quite a long time. I can't believe people are still calling out who is the best on a track which has brought unity for a common goal, said King.
This artwork speaks volumes. Soar higher, said Kendrick.
We miss u so much our rap king we have been thirsty for long. God bless u so much for this! Shoutout to the two rap gods, said Dominickie20.

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M.anifest and Sarkodie - Brown Paper Bag video and audio

Sarkodie song's video is available on YouTube in two different versions. The first version of the song is the official video which has so far garnered over 250,000 views. The second video is the audio slide of the jam with over 277,000 views.

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Brown paper bag lyrics

Here are the lyrics of the song:

Verse 1: Sarkodie

In the beginning na mene wo mienu were stuck on a slave ship

But seisiaa deɛ we are free we on some ape shit

But yɛnnyɛ free totally we are still in a matrix

Slavery yɛ stages seisei deɛ yɛduru stage six

Ɛnyɛ physical systematical mind games

Sɛ metena ase dwene ho kraa ɛtaa ma me migraine

Freedom is expensive monkɔ checki price range

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Pure black children but now we bearing some white names

Self hate your brothers and sisters adane cell mate

I think its time that we open the hell gate

We gotta push to be free before its hell late

We can see between the lines but we still can't read

We are still in chains but the eyes can't see

We do have a choice but we still ain't free

Obi so mi mu I can't breathe

I just wanna be free

Free is when you decide for yourself

Free, is when nobody is controlling your wealth

Free, is when you stop begging people for help

Free, is finally when you breaking out from a spell

We in the 21st century they can't be using guns no more, they playing games with the mind

Akwesi broni no claimi democracy

So we feel sey we see everything but we are blind

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The destruction of a man begins in the home

So when they break up the home, they take over the throne

Seisei etuo nda wo so nso yɛ se begye loan

When you owe remember you cannot be on your own

Cause you gotta to teach a man how to fish so they can survive a lifetime

But eno no ɛnnyɛ abrofofoɔ no wish

Ɛba no saa they gonna have a hard time

The United States of Africa is what they don't wanna see

But that's the only way my people can survive

They divide and conquer with just a brown paper bag, omo de cash abɛ tɔ yɛ pride

So now we cherish the money and not the money machine

They say they wanna invest, omo akoma mu nyɛ clean nkateɛ mpo montumi ndua

But they will be claiming supreme

The return of Martin Luther King, we still have a dream

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The voodoo magic is nothing evil, Akwesi broni use claimi sɛ ɛyɛ logic

Ɛba no knowledge aa abibifoɔ bebree we are lacking

Yɛ twa yɛ ntoro kɔ findi evidence to back it yɛnnyɛ nkodaa nti stop it

Omo yɛ electronic fri amanone bɛ tɔn bɛ claimi technology fuck it

Okay they just be stacking they pack it but its not physical power

They're using supernatural energy for profit

How the fuck are we able to talk on a phone

How the fuck are we able to fly and control a drone

How the fuck na nipa kraa yɛtumi nya ne clone

Keep it a hundred, menua you are now on your own

It's time for my people to wake up

My mind is made up, wei na yɛ frɛ no you looking out for your neighbour

Mr. Preacher please can you do me a favor

Ɛyaa men use microphone since the devil is a hater

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Martin Luther King flow we trying to develop, but the progress is being slow

They locked the door now we're sneaking out the window

They don't want us to get access to the info

The enemy keep on suppressing, we need some answers

We trying to figure out some questions

A rich continent but we are facing depression

They strip us naked and try to take our possessions and now we facing recession


Verse 2: M.anifest

(Yɛ dwen sɛ)

We be original don dada

But everything that we do has been done dada

Oil, gold, cocoa, minerals proper

In the land of so much how is there hunger (How?)

To fix this mess that be the hang up

Like a label in Tema build it from Ground Up

Fist up, middle finger to all the kickbacks

Leaders just want chop dem for sit back

Skin black, but is your mind too?

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Efie ne fie must I remind you?

All the blood and toil that is behind you

How did we get here? Let me share

February 24th in ‘66

Nkrumah was overthrown by these pricks and dicks

It makes me sick we’ve been brainwashed and shit

All sorts of imports even the toothpicks

Money come money go, we don’t make kotow

So when we spend to the west our money dey go

We pray for rapture

Instead of focusing on manufacture

Religion is a prison and we dying to be living

And we losing our minds as we thinking of winning

And we bound to the chains of foreign exchange

It’s a damn shame

Ɛtodabia ɛyɛ ɛtodabia ɛnyɛ

Bibifoɔ diɛ adufudiɛ na yɛ pɛ

Aboa bi aka me ebia kakapɛ

Since y'all like beef let me tell you who we’re beefing

(Mek I mek my beef list)

We beefing with Trump and his likes

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We beefing with vanity, doing it for likes

Beefing with indiscipline for posterity

Beefing with leaders, no integrity

Beefing with plastic, ban it be drastic

Afi wie diɛ pae mu ka, that’s a classic

We for realize debi debi diɛ we past it

Self-actualize don’t be thinking Jurassic

Malcolm X when I express

By any means yes

Many mountains to climb I guess

So how can we ever rest?

I must say if Ghana should be beyond aid

Then solutions no fit be band aid

I don’t care if the west is against us

Forget dem, focus and fix us

Nkabom that’s the people power

The struggle is sweet mixed with sour

Greatness is us, hashtag

Don’t sell out for a brown paper bag uh

What are your thoughts on the brand new hit by Sarkodie Brown Paper Bag ft. M.anifest? Tell us in the comments section below. We will be glad to hear from you.

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