List of top socialites in Ghana you need to know

List of top socialites in Ghana you need to know

Ghana is part of the African countries with the highest percentage of young people. In each young society, there are influential figures, and in this case, socialites in Ghana influence young people regarding technology, fashion consumption, and music.

List of top socialites in Ghana you need to know
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Like in the western world, Ghana has home-grown celebrities. The eight socialites listed below are the most-followed people on social media platforms. Besides, they enjoy luxurious lifestyles, even though they are young.

8 most popular socialites in Ghana

While not everyone can make the cut in this field, these Ghanaian beauties are the most influential in the country.

1. Princess Shyngle

List of top socialites in Ghana you need to know
Image:, @princesshyngle
Source: UGC

Princess Shyngle is famous for many things. Her views on sex and relationship have created a huge buzz, especially in social media. However, the rumoured relationship with Burna Boy — in 2019 — gave her a continental recognition, especially as an entertainer.

Princess Shyngle was a popular contestant at the Next Movie Star Africa competition. While she did not win the competition, the fame from the show catapulted her to celebrity status. Since then, she has taken roles in different movies, in and out of Ghana.

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Also, Prince Shyngle has been naturalized to the entertainment. For example, like most Ghanaian socialites, she has had her moments of “breaking the internet” with her seductive looks.

The lowest moment on Princess Shyngle’s life in public was in 2019. Different Nigerian tabloids published a story alleging that the Ghanaian socialite tried to commit suicide in Lagos.

2. Moesha Boduong

List of top socialites in Ghana you need to know
Image:, @moeshaboduong
Source: UGC

Moesha Boduong is a model, actress, and TV presenter. Unlike most socialites in Ghana, the 30 years old has a job in the traditional media. Her visibility on traditional media makes Moesha one of the most followed personalities in West Africa.

In the last five years, Moesha has been a conversation starter, especially in ‘uncomfortable’ topics. For example, in 2018, she was a trending topic in Ghana after her interview with the BBC. Moesha argued that since Ghana is a harsh economy for content creators, following married men is justifiable.

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However, Moesha’s biggest interview was with Christine Amanpour. The University of Ghana alumnus has strong views on gender, sex, and love. Speaking to the Amanpour, she confessed that she sleeps with married men to afford her life at Accra.

While her views might have angered millions of Ghanaians, she sparked one of the most avoided topics in Ghana — sex. People are now willing to discuss hard topics and, more importantly, debate on the modern-day Ghanaian moral aspects.

3. Salma Mumin

Salma Mumin is an award-winning actor. She has been instrumental in growing the Ghanaian film industry to become one of the best in Africa. Her biggest movie so far is the Hashtag, which enabled her to win the Best Actress in the Ghana Movie Awards category.

In addition to her ever-growing career in acting, Salma has a massive following on social media. Most of her followers are interested in her social life and, more importantly, what she thinks about fashion trends.

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For example, in May 2020, she created a buzz after being spotted with a luxurious car. While there are tens of reports regarding car ownership, nobody has come with proof that it was a borrowed car.

4. Matilda Hipsy

Matilda Naa Quaye is famous for her natural hips, and therefore the name Hipsy. She debuted in the entertainment industry in 2012 after being a video vixen in a popular video. Since then, Matilda is a household name in Ghana.

Matilda Hipsy measurements are often subject to debate, especially among her fans. However, she is one of the few African socialites not to undergo surgeries. Thanks to her natural look and curvy body, Matilda Hipsy is one of the most followed Ghanaian girls on Instagram.

Matilda Hipsy is currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communication at BlueCrest College. In a piece published by the college, Matilda wants people to understand that she also has other interests, apart from being an entertainer.

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5. Dotty Lana

Dotty Lana is a multitalented socialite from Ghana with a huge passion for fashion and modelling. She runs two entities — Delana Vogue and Delana Model Agency. The two entities allow Dotty to nurture young Ghanaians into the world of fashion and modelling.

Dotty Lana is also popular in Ghana, thanks to her beautiful pictures on her Instagram. Her curvy body, bikini shots, and lavish lifestyle make her the African miss goddess.

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Dotty’s rise to popularity has been slow and consistent. However, her conflict with Shatta’s Baby Mama in 2017 gave her unmatched exposure in both Ghana and Africa. Since then, she has become a perfect image of an African socialite regarding balancing business and fame.

6. Mona Montrage (Hajia 4 Reall)

List of top socialites in Ghana you need to know
Image:, @hajia4reall
Source: UGC

With over three million followers across different social media, Mona Montrage is the most popular Ghanaian socialite. One of the key reasons why millions of people visit her page is her curvy pictures. Mona is also outspoken on various topics such as sex, marriage, and fashion.

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Hajia 4 Real lives a lavish life. She recently posted a picture of her new Range Rover (2020 edition). She has also shared pictures with her daughter, spending time together in lavish places.

Hajia 4 Real is also an investor. In the last five years, she has founded two companies — 4reall Kids and 4Reall Beauty. The two entities deal with fashion primarily imported from Europe and North America.

Apart from raising the high-end fashion consumption standards in Ghana, she believes that Ghana is ripe for luxury fashion.

7. Fella Makafui

List of top socialites in Ghana you need to know
Image:, @fellamakafui
Source: UGC

Fella Makafui is an influencer, actor, and entrepreneur. With over 2.6 million followers on Instagram, she has redefined influencing in Ghana, especially fashion and tech-related gigs. Fella also has other business interests away from fashion.

Among all socialites in Ghana, Fella is the only one that is open about her marital status. She is wife to the famous pop star — Medikal. However, she still posts her beautiful pictures. From her posts, it is evident that Fella Makafui is one of the most beautiful socialites in Ghana.

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Apart from her beauty and business mind, Fella Makafui owns a Mercedes Benz with her name on the number plate. She also shares her travelling experiences, especially outside Ghana, with her fans.

8. Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay is a famous musician who has managed to convert her vast social following to a music career. With over two million followers, Queen Shay (as she is commonly known) has managed to position herself as one of the key figures in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Thanks to the traction, the last two years have been the best time as a musician.

Apart from being a talented musician, Wendy is one of the most beautiful women in Ghana. Her sexy pictures get thousands of likes and comments across social media platforms. Wendy also shares videos of her dancing — either her songs or popular pop songs.

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In the last two years, she has also used her platforms for influencing. While the influencing posts are few, they constitute to her income.

While the definition of a socialite in Ghana may differ from other countries, it revolves around influential entertainers and trendsetters. All the socialites in Ghana also have considerable interests in media, business, and entertainment. The next ten years will be a defining period for socialites as the corporate world is starting to see the influence they possess.

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