Woman who beat COVID-19 while pregnant gives birth to healthy triplets

Woman who beat COVID-19 while pregnant gives birth to healthy triplets

- Maggie found out she was expecting triplets and was shocked at first before coming to terms with the news

- The mother of four then discovered she had COVID-19 during the 28th week of her pregnancy

- She feared for the lives of her children and prayed they would be born without any complications

- Shortly before giving birth, Maggie tested negative for the virus and her kids doubled in weight after one month

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A woman from the US is thanking the heavens for the gift of her children after having a brush with death while carrying them.

The mum who delivered three healthy triplets contracted COVID-19 during her third trimester and spent a better part of the period nursing the deadly virus.

Woman who beat COVID-19 while pregnant gives birth to healthy triplets
Maggie was shocked to find out she had COVID-19 while carrying her kids. Photo: Webmd
Source: UGC

Maggie Sillero was first shocked then excited when she learnt she was going to give birth to three babies at once.

She did not expect to have three times the blessing she had prayed for and kept reminding herself that her side of the family did not have multiples.

Carrying three kids inside her heightened her symptoms and the pregnancy was regarded a high risk one.

Woman who beat COVID-19 while pregnant gives birth to healthy triplets
Maggie finally held her kids in her arms and it was a satisfying feeling. Photo: The Woman's Hospital of Texas
Source: Facebook

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“One week into my pregnancy I could actually feel something was changing, and I think that I just felt everything so intensely this pregnancy because there were three. My pregnancy symptoms were tripled,” the mum told Good Morning America.

When she was 28 weeks into her pregnancy, the mum had to be admitted to The Woman’s Hospital of Texas so her unborn kids would be closely monitored.

When Maggie went through a routine COVID-19 test, her results came back positive.

This worried her as she had no idea where she got virus from and how it was going to affect her children who were already at risk of being born prematurely.

For a month, the mum went through five additional tests and just before she delivered her children, Maggie tested negative.

The grateful mum delivered two boys and a girl who doubled their weight after one month.

Not too long ago, a woman from India who gave birth to twins in May 2020 named her babies Corona and Covid.

The lady and her husband wanted to make the birth of their children memorable so they would never forget how the pandemic shifted their lives.

Verma and her husband added they had faced so many hardships in a short while and their children would always be a silver lining.

They arrived at the hospital late when the 27-year-old went into labour. Also, the mum said hospital staff paid a huge role in coming up with the names.

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