Jeff Bezos: 7 things to know about world's richest man

Jeff Bezos: 7 things to know about world's richest man

Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, has never stopped being a person of public interest since 2017 when he first became the world’s richest man.

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An American born on January 12, 1964, he was raised in both Houston and Miami and later graduated from Princeton University in 1986, bagging a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.

Below are, therefore, seven key things to know about the world’s richest man:

1. Has he always been self-employed?

Before founding Amazon in late 1994, Jeff worked in different companies from 1986 to 1994 immediately he graduated from the university. Some of the places he was an employee were Fitel, Bank Trust, and D E Shaw & Co.

2. How Amazon started

Jeff started initially started Amazon solely as an online bookstore before the company grew into a great platform for many e-commerce products and services. He started the company right from his garage after he left D E Shaw & Co.

His parents’ $300,000 investment into the company at the early stage was also very instrumental to its growth.

A collage of the richest man on the planet. Photos sources: CNET/CNBC/INC
A collage of the richest man on the planet. Photos sources: CNET/CNBC/INC
Source: UGC

3. Jeff has a space company

The world’s richest man created Blue Origin, a spaceflight company in 2000, an establishment that showed his great interest in space travel.

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4. Do you think Amazon is the only company he owns?

Bezos bought Washington Post, one of the world’s most respected newspapers, for a whopping sum of $250 million. His ownership of the paper changed its digital structure.

5. He had a divorce

Jeff’s wealth took a hit by his divorce from MacKenzie Bezos as she got 25% of his Amazon shares valued at nearly $36 billion.

6. Jeff wealth made a big record-bump in a day

No one has probably had it big in a day like Jeff whose fortune increased by $13 billion on Monday, July 20 shooting his net worth to $189 billion. His ex-wife’s wealth also grew.

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7. Giving to charity

In 2018, he made a big donation of $33 million to TheDream US, a college scholarship fund for immigrants brought to America when they were small. He also gave $10 million to With Honor, an organisation that encourages veterans in politics.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that on the list of world's richest people released by Forbes, Amazon's boss topped all with his $113 billion net worth. Bill Gates, the Microsoft co-founder, made the second cut with $98 billion.

Bernard Arnault and Family in France made number three with $76 billion worth. Warren Buffet and Larry Ellison are number four and five on the list respectively.

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